Chapter 1405: A Failed Inheritance? (4)

    Chapter 1405: A Failed Inheritance? (4)

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    Elder Tianren was totally shocked as if he never thought that Gu Ruoyun would say such a thing.

    He knitted his brows and was just about to speak but the green-robed woman had already arrived in front of the Sacred Beast.

    The Sacred Beast was clearly unhappy with Gu Ruoyun's approach. It chirped at her and tried to speak. Its large eyes were completely full of a fiery rage.

    There's nothing good about humans at all!

    To actually use such despicable tactics to lure me into putting down my defenses and to take advantage and place a contract on me!

    This cannot be forgiven!

    The more the little fellow thought about this, the angrier it felt. It glared at Gu Ruoyun fiercely.

    If this human also dares to approach me, I will never let her leave so easily.

    All was quiet in the plaza.

    Every eye was focused on Gu Ruoyun. Their gaze was filled with shock and disdain. They really wanted to see what this little girl was planning to do!

    Prior to this, so many others had been unable to receive the Sacred Beast's approval. Does she think that she would be able to persuade the Sacred Beast to let its guard down under these circumstances? That was just a fool's dream!

    The more the crowd thought about this, the harder they wanted to laugh. Their eyes were focused entirely on Gu Ruoyun and their looks of ridicule were as if they were watching a joke!

    "Gu Ruoyun can't be thinking of receiving the Sacred Beast's approval under these circumstances?" Wen Ya's mouth dropped open in shock before her expression gradually turned cold.

    At this moment, she suddenly forgot about her own situation and watched Gu Ruoyun fixedly like everyone else.

    Gu Ruoyun behaved as if she did not sense the complicated looks around her at all. She focused her full attention on the little fellow's soft and fluffy body. She then said something which shocked everyone.

    "Do you like candy?"


    The disciples of the Secret Order were dumbstruck. The look in their eyes gradually changed into an incomprehensible expression as they looked at her as if they were staring at an idiot!

    Is this woman mad?

    Does she think that the Sacred Beast is a three-year-old child? That it can be bribed with a few bits of candy? She's fantasizing about using candy to receive its approval! Is she sure that she's not joking about this?

    Even Yun Yan could not help but knit his delicate brows. He stared at Gu Ruoyun oddly and fell into deep thought.

    Amidst the sound of laughter, Gu Ruoyun produced a few jade-green pills from her lapel as a devilish smile formed on the corners of her lips.

    Just a while ago, she had received a piece of information from Zixie!

    This little fellow, who has been known as the Secret Order's Sacred Beast, was not really a spiritual beast!

    Hence, this was why the little fellow could not speak in the human language like other spiritual beasts!

    A small light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes when she thought of the little fellow's true identity and the smile on her face deepened.

    "This little fellow is not a spiritual beast and it's not really a living thing! Instead, it was a natural product born from the excess spiritual energy during the initial stages of this world's creation. It had not been bestowed with any form of life but had gradually developed a mind of its own as time passed. However, because this little fellow was born from spiritual energy, it would have a profound interest in pills which contains powerful spiritual energy."

    This was the reason why Gu Ruoyun had the courage to speak!

    Gu Ruoyun lifted her gaze at the thought of this and fixed her eyes on the little fellow.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I'd advise you to give it up. Just who do you think the Sacred Beast is? Why would it have any fondness for the candy in your hand?"

    "That's right! Forget about these child-deceiving toys. The Secret Order's Sacred Beast is not that stupid to fall into your temptation."
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