Chapter 1406: A Failed Inheritance? (5)

    Chapter 1406: A Failed Inheritance? (5)

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    "Hahaha, I'm going to laugh myself to death. Are you really treating the Sacred Beast like a small child? As the Secret Order's Sacred Beast, its power should not be underestimated!"

    The disciples burst into laughter, clearly paying no mind to Gu Ruoyun's actions.

    "This is..."

    However, just as the disciples were in the midst of laughing, Elder Wuyu, who had not made any move, shook.

    "Pills. That's right, those are pills!"

    He had muttered to himself but because the sound of laughter was too loud, his voice was drowned out by the sound of laughter.

    Also, because all eyes were now fixed upon Gu Ruoyun, no one noticed Elder Wuyu's body trembling.

    As a physician, Elder Wuyu was also a Pill Master and the Hall Master of the Secret Order's Pill Hall! How could he not detect the distinctive aura of pills? However, based on his abilities, he would never be able to determine the rank of Gu Ruoyun's pills.

    One could imagine the shock he was feeling.

    "I never thought that this little girl would turn out to be a pill master and her power is far more outstanding than everyone else. The Clan Leader has truly uncovered a treasure this time."

    Elder Wuyu's eyes lit up as he stared unblinkingly at Gu Ruoyun.

    If he found out that Gu Ruoyun was really the Sacred Lady, Dongfang Yu's daughter, his surprise would be even greater.

    After all, if Gu Ruoyun had a connection with the Secret Order's Sacred Lady, that means that she would also become a member of the Secret Order. How could a pill refining fanatic like Elder Wuyu not feel excited with this prospect?


    What does 'extreme joy begets sorrow' mean?

    Very soon, the Secret Order disciples began to experience this feeling.

    Just as they were laughing at Gu Ruoyun, they noticed that the once enraged little fellow, who now looked like a wild animal which had been deprived of meat for a long time, was lunging at Gu Ruoyun.

    The funniest thing was, even up to this point, they thought that Gu Ruoyun's actions had thoroughly drawn the Lord Sacred Beast's fury. As a result, the Lord Sacred Beast was about to let out all of its anger and wanted to tear the green-robed woman to shreds!

    However, just as the little fellow was about to reach Gu Ruoyun's face, it suddenly lifted its claws and snatched the pills in Gu Ruoyun's hand before devouring them ravenously. It looked absolutely blissful as if it never had anything quite so tasty in its life.

    Once it had swallowed all the pills, the little fellow looked at Gu Ruoyun and reached its claws out as it cried out incoherently, demanding for more.

    Dead silence!

    The entire plaza was completely silent until one could even hear a pin drop.

    The Secret Order disciples widened their eyes in disbelief and stared at the Sacred Beast which was demanding for more candy in astonishment. They looked at it as if they were watching a goat eating meat and a tiger eating grass.

    This situation was completely illogical!

    How could the dignified Sacred Beast be bribed by a few bits of candy? It even wants more!

    "F*ck!" Finally, one Secret Order disciple reacted and cursed out loud, "If I had known that the Sacred Beast was so interested in food, I would have prepared some candy to bribe it. This way, I would have been able to flourish by coincidence and receive the Sacred Beast's approval!"

    That was right!

    In their point of view, as long as they could give it candy, the Sacred Beast would have approved of them as well! That way, the Secret Order's inheritance would belong to them!

    However, they never thought that this opportunity would fall to an outsider like Gu Ruoyun! Who would have expected her to run into such luck! She was able to run into such good fortune and use candy to bribe the Sacred Beast!

    No matter what the crowd was thinking, they never expected that the dignified Sacred Beast would be such a glutton. It did not have the magnificence of a Sacred Beast at all!

    Of course, they would never know that Gu Ruoyun had not been using candy but pills instead! The little fellow was not only interested in pills either. Instead, any item which contains powerful spiritual energy would attract its attention!
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