Chapter 1407: A Failed Inheritance? (6)

    Chapter 1407: A Failed Inheritance? (6)

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    "Looks like we've reached a conclusion to this matter."

    The Clan Leader sent Gu Ruoyun a profound look before she turned away. She then calmly announced, "The Sacred Beast has chosen her and she is now the heir to the Secret Order's inheritance. Lady Gu, you can come with me to accept the inheritance after this. Are you alright with that?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded as she said, "Sure."

    "If that's the case, since there's nothing else to discuss, everyone may leave," ordered the Clan Leader with a wave of her hand in a light and airy voice. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something and turned towards Gu Ruoyun again. "There's one more thing, Lady Gu, if you wish to accept the Secret Order's inheritance, you must first comply with two things."

    "Number one." The Clan Leader paused before continuing, "From now on, you aren't allowed to do anything which could harm the Secret Order. Number two, if the Secret Order should ever require your help, you must rush over and send aid as soon as you can! Of course, the Secret Order won't limit your freedom and we won't ask for your help under most circumstance. We will only ask for your help if an unprecedented crisis befalls the mainland!"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

    At this moment, she suddenly remembered what Elder Tianren had said to her and bowed slightly, "Alright, I can promise that. However, I am very busy so don't contact me unless there's something important."

    Gu Ruoyun does not know why but she could sense that if a crisis were to arise in the mainland, that crisis would somehow be connected to her!

    Mainly because the powerful cultivator who was sealed away within the Secret Order was most likely the fellow who had addressed himself as 'this Holy One'!

    Not only had that fellow tried to kill her time and time again, Zixie had also nearly lost his life because of him. If it had not been for the fact that Zixie has the ability to resurrect from the flames, he might have really ended up dying by the cultivator's hand! Hence, even if the Secret Order had not mentioned this, she would not stand idly by!

    "You can come with me."

    The Clan Leader nodded. Her calm gaze swept across the disciples of the Secret Order before she quickly turned away and headed towards the back mountains.

    "Young Lady, what should we do now?"

    The Wen family guard had walked quickly to Wen Ya's side and looked anxious as he asked, "Gu Ruoyun is certainly vicious and merciless, she would never let us get away with this."

    "Useless thing!" Wen Ya's eyes darkened as she spat. If it had not been for this fellow who had acted on his own, she would never have fallen into such a situation.

    A sinister look flashed in Wen Ya's eyes at the thought of this. she then said, "You will send yourself back to the Wen family and accept punishment after this! As for now, we must leave the Secret Order. We cannot wait for Gu Ruoyun to finish accepting the inheritance and make us pay!"

    Knowing that woman's character, she would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. If Wen Ya waited for her to accept the inheritance, their doom would soon arrive!

    Now, they could only rush back to the Wen family!

    Once they return to the Wen family, that woman would have no way of killing her.

    "Yes, Young Lady."

    The Wen family guard joined his firsts with an unsightly look on his face. He never thought that his one moment of action would have brought so much trouble to the Young Lady!

    Furthermore, he never expected that even the Secret Order's physician would be unable to detect the poison in his Young Lady's body.

    Most importantly, they even allowed that woman, Gu Ruoyun, to succeed in receiving the Sacred Beast's approval by a stroke of luck!

    They could not bear this at all!

    "Gu Ruoyun!"

    Wen Ya clenched her fists. A searing pain immediately tore through her head when she thought of that name before a weary sense of weakness began to bubble up from her heart.
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