Chapter 1409: A Failed Inheritance? (8)

    Chapter 1409: A Failed Inheritance? (8)

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    "The real inheritance is not an inheritance of power! Instead, it comes from a strong will! I won't give my power. Even though you can achieve breakthroughs very quickly if you receive my power, you won't be able to reach the rank of supremacy on this mainland! Big mouthfuls often choke. It's best to leave you to progress step-by-step in your cultivation journey."

    Gu Ruoyun's heart was overflowing with admiration for this ancient cultivator especially after hearing these words. It caused a peculiar feeling to rise in her heart.

    This was a feeling that she had never felt before.

    "Heir to my will, remember, no matter the difficulties in the road ahead, you must overcome all obstacles and walk through it all! After you have received my will, this will help you to step into the peak position! However, if you want to reach the state where no one has ever been able to touch for ten thousand years, aside from my will, you will still need the help of an external object! Ten thousand years ago, I had been working hard to reach the peak position yet I never managed to find the golden opportunity of breaking through to godhood! Hence, I'll leave this responsibility to you."

    "Aside from my will, I will also give all my experience in cultivation to you. With my experience, you can have faster breakthroughs!"

    What was the most important thing to a cultivator?

    The most important thing was not, of course, to receive power by some stroke of luck!

    Instead, it was to have all the experiences of a peerless cultivator!

    This was the most precious thing of all to a cultivator!

    Hence, after hearing what the peerless woman had said, Gu Ruoyun's heart throbbed involuntarily, filled with shock.

    She never expected to receive such great benefits during her visit to the Secret Order this time! This was even more exciting than having her powers promoted to another state!

    "There's something that I need to ask you." After relishing in her joy, Gu Ruoyun's eyes darkened. "What's your relationship with Xiao Ye?" She asked, "Who were you ten thousand years ago? Is that powerful cultivator who is locked in the Secret Order connected to you? Or is he your enemy?"

    After asking her questions, Gu Ruoyun suddenly came to her senses.

    This peerless woman had only left a remnant of her memory, not a remnant of her soul! Therefore, how could she possibly answer her question?

    Indeed, after saying her piece, the peerless woman's voice disappeared and no longer spoke again, nor did it answer any of her questions! All that was left was ripples of flowing energy like currents flowing into Gu Ruoyun's mind.

    Instantly, Gu Ruoyun's mind was filled with a lot of things that do not belong to her and she knew that these were the experiences which had belonged to the peerless woman.

    With such precious experiences, her cultivation journey will become even smoother!

    "Little girl."

    A figure dressed in long purple robes appeared in front of her from out of nowhere. The man's demonic eyes were turned towards the woman's elegant features as his lips curled into a gentle angle. "I know that you have many questions over the past few years and you are also very curious about the connection between Qianbei Ye and my previous Master. However, all will be revealed to you very soon! Now, you only need to continue your journey and you will know the answers one day! Believe me!"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded solemnly as she stared at the man's handsome yet gentle features. "I will never give up no matter what. Even if there are difficulties on the road ahead, even if I have to cut my way through thistles and thorns, I will journey through this bloody road."
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