Chapter 1410: A Failed Inheritance? (9)

    Chapter 1410: A Failed Inheritance? (9)

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    Yun Yan was pacing back and forth as he waited anxiously outside the inheritance chamber.

    At that moment, the large, tightly closed door to the inheritance chamber slowly swung open. When Yun Yan saw the green-robed woman who had appeared in the doorway, he happily approached her and was about to speak when he suddenly sensed the lack of change in Gu Ruoyun's aura. He was shocked.

    "You, why are you still at the late-stage of the exceptional state?"

    Logically speaking, any disciple who had entered the inheritance chamber would receive an increase in power even if they had failed.

    Hence, if they were to successfully receive the inheritance, how many more benefits would they receive?

    Yet, Gu Ruoyun was no different from when she had entered the inheritance chamber. Does that mean that she was worse than a failure?

    Yun Yan looked at Gu Ruoyun at the thought of this and weakly exclaimed, "Leader, it's alright even if you've failed. After all, no one has ever successfully received this inheritance before."


    Many disciples had surrounded the outer area of the inheritance chamber. Hence, when they heard Gu Ruoyun's voice, countless stares immediately turned towards her.

    Initially, they had come here to see the outcome of Gu Ruoyun's acceptance of the inheritance. Even the most useless person would have received an increase in power after entering the inheritance chamber! Unfortunately, the spiritual currents in the green-robed woman's body were the same as before. There had been utterly no change at all.

    The disciples could not help but burst into laughter at the thought of this!

    This was the heir who had been chosen by the Lord Sacred Beast! She was nothing like a Secret Order disciple at all! After all, a Secret Order disciple would have at least leveled up after accepting the inheritance.

    What about her?

    Forget about a promotion, there was not even a perceptible increase in her powers at all.

    This was the failure of all failures! If this gets out, it would destroy the Secret Order's reputation!

    Of course, they did not know that they could only detect an increase in power based on their level of ability. Therefore, they had not been able to detect the change in Gu Ruoyun's aura.

    What she had received was not power. Instead, it was more like a promotion of her inner state!

    Still, even though the crowd was sneering internally, no one dared to cause trouble for Gu Ruoyun because of Yun Yan's presence. They could only let it out internally but the disdain in their eyes could be concealed.

    "Why have you come to see me?"

    Gu Ruoyun did not reply to Yun Yan's words. She merely shrugged her shoulders and asked.

    "Oh." Yun Yan instantly returned to his senses. "It's like this, the Clan Leader had asked me to wait for you here. She wants you to pay her a visit once you've received the inheritance."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and nodded gently, "Alright, lead the way."

    She should definitely meet the Clan Leader!

    After all, it was time for her to leave the Secret Order now that she has received the inheritance!

    The figure of a silver-haired and crimson-robed man appeared unconsciously in Gu Ruoyun's mind and her features softened.

    "Xiao Ye, I'll come to find you once I leave the Secret Order."

    She softly muttered these words in her heart. Though Yun Yan did not hear what she had said, he felt a change in the woman's once somber aura. Her aura had become very soft and gentle as a smile secretly appeared on the corner of her lips...


    The Secret Order.

    The two Secret Order disciples who had previously blocked Gu Ruoyun and her group from entering the Secret Order were standing guard outside the mountain gates. However, at the very next moment, an agile and grim figure appeared like a black eagle out of thin air and landed in front of them.

    "If the information I've received is correct, Little Sister should be in the Secret Order."

    The man in black's eyes sank as he turned his gaze towards the mountain gates in front of him and murmured, "I must inform my little sister about Qianbei Ye's situation no matter what! She's the only one who can help him now..."

    Besides, Qianbei Ye had ended up staying back in such a god-forsaken place in order to save him...
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