Chapter 1411: Departure From The Secret Order (1)

    Chapter 1411: Departure From The Secret Order (1)

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    "Who are you?"

    The two hapless Secret Order disciples saw the man in black approaching them and quickly looked at each other before pulling out their weapons and blocked his way outside the gate.

    "I'm here to see Gu Ruoyun."

    Gu Shengxiao lifted his grim eyes and his silver mask concealed the icy look on his handsome face.

    The two Secret Order disciples were instantly shocked. If they had no idea who Gu Ruoyun was in the beginning, they definitely knew who she was now!

    That green-robed woman whom they had once believed to be a spy and had barred outside the gates had caused such a strong sensation in the Secret Order. Not only had she managed to defeat Senior Brother Yun Yan, who was a refined state cultivator, she had also received the Secret Order's Sacred Beast's approval! Hence, each time they thought of what they had done to her, their hearts would fill with regret!

    "You're here to see Lady Gu?" One of the Secret Order disciples replied sluggishly before asking, "We can't take you to her but we can send a message for you! May I ask who you are?"

    As this fellow was wearing a mask, they immediately assumed that he was not a good person.

    Otherwise, why would he be afraid of showing his true face?

    Of course, because they had learned from their mistakes, they did not dare to make the decision to chase the man away this time. Instead, they decided to pass a message.

    Gu Shengxiao had intended to reveal his name when he suddenly remembered that the Wen family members were in the Secret Order as well. He swallowed the words in his mouth and replied cooly, "Pass this message to her for me, tell her... That an old friend from the Azure Dragon Country in the West Spirit Mainland is here to see her."

    "Alright, I will pass the message immediately." After giving his reply, the Secret Order disciple who had spoken turned towards the person next to him, "You stay here and keep watch. Don't let him in."

    After that, he did not say anything more as he joined his fists at Gu Shengxiao and walked into the Secret Order.


    The Secret Order.

    The white-haired Clan Leader was seated cross-legged on the ground in meditation in the clan hall. Just then, she heard footsteps from outside the door and slowly opened her eyes.

    "It seems that the inheritance has concluded."

    Just as the Clan Leader had spoken, the door to the clan hall was pushed open.

    The Clan Leader then saw Gu Ruoyun follow Yun Yan into the clan hall before stopping in front of her.

    "Not bad, not bad." A sense of shock flashed in the Clan Leader's eyes when she saw Gu Ruoyun. However, she calmed down very quickly and nodded in satisfaction, "It looks like you've successfully received the inheritance."

    Though there was no perceptible change in Gu Ruoyun's powers at the moment, the Clan Leader's eyes were extremely keen. She could sense the change in Gu Ruoyun's temperament at first glance.

    This kind of temperament was as sharp as a knife. She did not need to release it on purpose to make others feel oppressed.

    Yun Yan was shocked when he heard the Clan Leader's remark and stared at Gu Ruoyun.

    What does the Clan Leader mean?

    Did she just say that Leader has successfully received the inheritance?

    I thought that there was no sign of an increase in her powers?

    The Clan Leader smiled and explained as if she sensed the confusion in Yun Yan's heart, "The higher one's power grows, the harder it will be to have a breakthrough. So, at times like this, comprehension is even more important! I've been very curious over what the real inheritance was from the very beginning. Now that I've seen you, I understand the content of the inheritance."

    She then paused before continuing, "The true inheritance is the things you now comprehend! No matter how much power one possesses, it would be difficult to break through to the last obstacle without an absolute power of understanding!"
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