Chapter 1418: The Wen Familys Interception (1)

    Chapter 1418: The Wen Family's Interception (1)

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    The sun was setting in the west and the light of the setting sun shone across the foot of the mountain.

    Gu Ruoyun, who had just descended the mountain, seemed to sense something and halted her journey.

    She then gently curled her lips and calmly remarked, "I'm sure you've been waiting for a long time. What do you want from me?"


    Just as she spoke, a large number of people suddenly appeared from thin air in the once empty foot of the mountain.

    A white-haired and bearded old man was standing at the front most of the group. His face was stern and cold while a murderous intent enveloped his entire body.

    A familiar face was standing next to the old man.

    He was a rather young-looking man who was dressed in a bodyguard's attire. He leveled his glare, full of hatred, at Gu Ruoyun as he gritted his teeth and said, "Gu Ruoyun, did you think that the Wen family would spare you after poisoning our Young Lady? Though our Young Lady has no way of sending the order to kill you, I am still on our Young Lady's side!"

    The man in front of her was clearly the guard who had tagged along with Wen Ya. As someone on Wen Ya's side, he would naturally have gone through rigorous training and instinctively understood his Master's needs.

    Hence, when he left the Secret Order, he had immediately reported the matter to the Wen family and told them about everything which Gu Ruoyun had done. This was why the Wen family members were now standing in her way.

    "Elder." The Wen family guard turned towards the elder next to him and spoke with reverence, "This is the woman who had hurt the Eldest Lady!"


    The elder scoffed icily when he heard this and straightened his sleeves as he glared icily at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Little girl, crossing the Wen family will be the biggest mistake of your life! It will also be the greatest regret of your life!"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly as she replied, "Oh really?"

    "Gu Ruoyun, you had once used a spiritual weapon to defeat the early-stage refined state Yun Yan but so what? Our Lord Elder is now at the mid-stage of the refined state. You're no match for him even if you have a high-class spiritual weapon!"

    The Wen family bodyguard sneered at Gu Ruoyun as his heart filled with murderous intent.

    If it had not been for this woman, the Eldest Lady would not have raged at him! It was all her fault that he had lost the Eldest Lady's trust!

    That was right!

    At this moment, the Wen family guard had pushed his failure in framing Gu Ruoyun at the plaza all on Gu Ruoyun's head. In his point of view, this was all Gu Ruoyun's fault! If she had not been so sinister and cunning, he would never have had to endure the Eldest Lady's ire!

    Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly as her eyes filled with a somber light.

    Her green robes fluttered in the wind, tranquil and noble.

    "The Wen family had separated my family and nearly turned my older brother into a puppet. I haven't collected this debt yet and now, you've actually come to me."

    "What arrogance!"

    The elder scoffed icily when he heard this and came face-to-face with Gu Ruoyun in a flash. His white robes were fluttering like the wind.

    His attack was as quick as lightning and his hand slammed towards Gu Ruoyun's head with the force of a mountain. Under the wild wind, there was a sharp, murderous intent in the elderly man's features.

    "Damned girl, you've crossed the Wen family so accept your death like a good girl!"


    As his fist slammed towards Gu Ruoyun, she reached out her hand to catch it. A wave of powerful energy instantly transferred from his callused fist into Gu Ruoyun's chest which made her stumble backward. However, her delicate face had carried a small smile the entire time.

    "Hahaha, how was that Gu Ruoyun? Isn't there a vast difference in power between a cultivator in the mid-stage refined state and the early stage? Don't you have a spiritual weapon? Take it out and use it! However, even if you do that, it's useless. Our Lord Elder would still be able to beat you to death!"
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