Chapter 1420: The Wen Familys Interception (3)

    Chapter 1420: The Wen Family's Interception (3)

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    The Wen family guard was dumbstruck as he stared in shock at Gu Ruoyun's gently smiling face. The disdainful look on his face changed into one of disbelief and his eyes widened immensely. He looked almost as if he had just seen a ghost.


    How is this possible?

    Aside from that spiritual weapon, she had another even more powerful weapon?

    However, Gu Ruoyun had not spared him a glance at all. Her eyes were turned towards the deep chasm created by the great sword.

    A sorry-looking figure then leaped out from the great chasm.

    The elder stood amidst the corpses with an extremely ugly look on his face. He never expected Gu Ruoyun to hold such a powerful weapon in her hand, what more to have such powerful strength!

    If his guess was right, the sword in her hand was a legendary divine weapon!

    Only a divine weapon could display such great power!

    The elder's eyes darkened when he thought about this. He then took a deep breath and said, "Consider yourself lucky this time! Let's go!"

    At this moment, only a few Wen family disciples had remained in the foot of the mountain aside from the Wen family elder! Everyone else had been sliced into two by Gu Ruoyun's attack!

    "Go?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly as she stared at the elder who was just about to leave. "I'm afraid that it won't be that easy so you better just leave your lives here."

    The elder's back stiffened when he heard this. He turned around towards the smiling green-robed woman and let out a retort with an ugly look on his face, "Gu Ruoyun, you should know when to draw the line for a better outcome next time! You've killed so many of our Wen family members yet the Wen family hasn't made you pay for it but you still want to take the advantage! Don't go overboard with your ignorance over what's good for you. Otherwise, it won't end well for you!"

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the enraged elder as she slowly raised her hand...

    The elder was shocked and he could only watch, unable to comprehend what she was going to do.

    However, he soon experienced Gu Ruoyun's next move!


    A great pagoda came slamming down from the sky. Before the elder could react, it had smashed into him with a loud crash. the impact made a large hole in the ground once again and buried the elder's old body underneath it.


    The faces of the remaining Wen family disciples changed greatly and they cried out anxiously. However, no one dared to step forward to help him.

    But that was not the end of it?

    That was right!

    After Gu Ruoyun had smashed the Ancient Divine Pagoda down, she lifted her hand and moved it into the air.

    The elder took a deep breath as he lay at the bottom of the deep hole. At this moment, all he could feel were his broken ribs and it was an extremely agonizing. If he had not reached the mid-stage of the refined state, his bones would have been smashed into powder by now.

    However, before the elder could speak, the Ancient Divine Pagoda had slammed down once again, causing the entire mountain range to tremble.


    The members of the Wen family looked extremely furious. They glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun as they spat, "Gu Ruoyun, you've crossed the line, you are a demon who would kill without blinking an eye! Someone like you should be chopped into a million pieces and left without a whole corpse!"

    "That's right, you've already killed so many people in the Wen family so why are you still acting in such a ruthless manner? Even if we had tried to kill you before, so many lives have been given back to you now! Still, you're using such methods to torture the elder. Such a sinister woman should not be allowed to live on this earth."

    "That's right, our Wen family had attacked you to eliminate a public threat. You should accept death like an obedient girl! I'm going to give you a piece of advice, surrender now. Otherwise, our Wen family will never let you escape!"
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