Chapter 1421: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (1)

    Chapter 1421: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (1)

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    The Wen family members were insanely furious with Gu Ruoyun's actions and they began to speak incoherently. In their opinion, no one that the Wen family intends to kill had been able to stay alive for long. However, not only had this woman killed a lot of Wen family disciples, she was even torturing their elder now.

    Her actions were clearly a slap in the Wen family's face.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly as she spoke, "If I were to gain the reputation as someone who has committed a heinous crime for the sake of avenging myself then so what? The Wen family had torn my family apart in the first place and taken my big brother away to refine him into a puppet. Hence, based on these two points, even if your Wen family had not come to me, I would have gone to eradicate the entire Wen family eventually!"

    "Besides," she paused before she continued, "Not only have you seen the Nine Emperors, you've also witnessed the Ancient Divine Pagoda's existence. Therefore, how can I possibly let any of you out of here alive?"


    As she spoke, Gu Ruoyun raised the Ancient Divine Pagoda once again and slammed it furiously onto the elder who was lying within the deep chasm.


    At that moment, all the group could hear was the elder's heart-wrenching shrieks. After a long pause, his voice disappeared and the heavens and earth returned to peace and quiet.


    Gu Ruoyun lifted her hand and put the Ancient Divine Pagoda away.

    They then saw the elder who was lying in the hole. He had been smashed into a meat patty until even his face was unrecognizable.

    The sight of this made them shiver and they looked at Gu Ruoyun as if they were looking at a demon while they stumbled backward.


    The group looked at each other but before they could react, a sword had shot down from the sky.

    "Did I give you permission to leave?"

    Suddenly, a somber voice rang out from behind them. Before any of them could react, they felt a cold wind on their backs. They quickly turned around to see a blade shoot across the sky as it slashed towards the middle towards the group.


    The group stared angrily at her before they let out a piercing shriek.

    Unfortunately for them, Gu Ruoyun did not stop. She had slashed the remaining Wen family disciples into two without hesitation!

    Blood was now drenched all over the foot of the mountain as the disciples fell, one by one. The guard who brought the Wen family group to avenge himself was dumbstruck. He then noticed that Gu Ruoyun had turned her gaze towards him and threw himself to the ground with a thud.

    "Lady Gu, I have failed to recognize your importance and offended you. Lady Gu, please spare my insignificant life. If you spare me, I am willing to do anything even if you turn me into a cow or a dog."

    The guard kowtow-ed fiercely and did not seem to notice that he was now bleeding from his own head from knocking it too hard on the ground. Gu Ruoyun has thoroughly scared him witless and he no longer dared to say another word.

    As long as Gu Ruoyun spared his life, he would do anything for her!

    Besides, once he has safely returned to the Wen family, he would inform the Master of this matter. Hence, the next person to approach Gu Ruoyun would be his Master!

    No one can ever stay alive for long after offending the Wen family!

    A fierce glint flashed across the Wen family guard's eyes but because he had kept his head lowered, he was confident that no one would be able to see through his intentions.

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at the Wen family guard once before she continued down the mountain with her back turned against him.

    The Wen family guard thought that Gu Ruoyun had spared him and his heart leaped. He was just about to rise to his feet when the woman's faint voice slowly rang out throughout the foot of the mountain.
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