Chapter 1423: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (3)

    Chapter 1423: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (3)

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    "That's correct." Zixie gently nodded. "I'm sure that you'll be able to reach the Dark Earth Realm through that path!"

    "Alright." Gu Ruoyun mildly lowered her eyelids as she calmly replied, "Since that's the case, let's make a trip back. It's time for me to meet my old friends again!"


    West Spirit Mainland, Dongfang family home.

    Master Dongfang was standing in the middle of the courtyard as he stared into the distance with a bitter smile on his face. "It's been several years now. That girl, Yun'er, has been in the East Peak Mainland for so many years and still hasn't returned. I wonder if it's smooth sailing for her over there."

    "Father." Dongfang Shaoze appeared behind Master Dongfang and looked at the old fellow as he laughed exasperatedly. "You must believe in Yun'er's powers Knowing her talent, she would certainly rise from the ranks on the East Peak Mainland. There's no need for us to worry too much... Besides, my uncle has just returned from the East Peak mainland, we can ask him about the situation there."

    Master Dongfang laughed bitterly as his expression filled with worry. "Yun'er isn't the only one who isn't around. Even that boy, Shengxiao, is missing and we don't know where he's gone off to either. I've sent people to search every corner of the West Spirit Mainland but we can't find him at all!"

    If Gu Shengxiao was not in the West Spirit Mainland, there could only be one possibility. He must have traveled to the East Peak Mainland.

    However, Gu Shengxiao's power was not strong enough so why would he go there?

    Dongfang Shaoze gripped the fan in his hand tightly as an unreadable light flashed within his handsome and gentle face. After a long pause, he continued, "Father, Mother is meeting with Uncle now. We'll have some answers when Mother returns! If Gu Shengxiao has really left for the East Peak Mainland, I'd like to go there as well. I cannot be at peace if he is there."


    Master Dongfang fiercely cut Dongfang Shaoze off before he could finish, "The East Peak Mainland is not like the West Spirit Mainland and there are numerous powerful cultivators there. Even your uncle, the Honorable Sir Tianqi, would be considered as the lowest of existence there! You aren't allowed to set foot into that place before you reach the rank of Martial Supreme! If you do go there, not only would you be powerless to help Yun'er, you would drag her down as well!"

    This remark was like a heavy weight as it slammed fiercely into Dongfang Shaoze's heart.

    That young girl, who had once been oppressed in Azure Dragon Country, has now grown to this level!

    However, his father was right. Based on his current level of power, not only would he be powerless to help Yun'er, he would drag her down as well...


    Now, the most important thing is still power!

    Dongfang Shaoze's grip on his fan grew tighter as he thought about this and his handsome face soon filled with determination!

    If he has enough power, he would not need to sit and wait in the West Spirit Mainland. Instead, he would be able to journey across this vast world!


    Just as Dongfang Shaoze made his decision, he saw a familiar figure shooting across the air all of a sudden. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and his gaze quickly changed from his initial shock to pleasant surprise.

    "Father, come quick, it's Yun'er. Yun'er's back!"

    "Hehe." Master Dongfang laughed coldly when he heard Dongfang Shaoze's exclamation. "Damned brat, are you trying to trick me? Do you think that I can be so easily fooled? Yun'er is still in the East Peak Mainland now. She can't possibly have returned. You can't fool me!"
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