Chapter 1426: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (6)

    Chapter 1426: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (6)

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    Master Dongfang gasped before he softly patted Gu Ruoyun's shoulder and spoke sincerely, "Little girl, your maternal grandmother has missed you all these years. Once you've finished your matters, don't forget to come back."

    Gu Ruoyun gently nodded. She took one last look at Master Dongfang and Dongfang Shaoze before turning around and walked out of the courtyard.

    Very soon, the green-robed figure disappeared before their eyes.

    "Let's go, Father." Dongfang Shaoze lowered his eyelids and his once gentle gaze was filled with determination, "I believe that Yun'er will be back very soon. All we can do now is to increase our power so that we don't become a burden for her."

    Following Gu Ruoyun's increase in power, her enemies have also grown more powerful. If the Dongfang family's power does not increase accordingly, they might end up dragging Gu Ruoyun down in the process.

    Master Dongfang laughed bitterly. In the end, he had turned around without another word. However, no one noticed that Master Dongfang's back had become taller and straighter. Even his shadow seems to slowly grow larger...


    Ever since Gu Ruoyun's sudden rise to fame, Azure Dragon Country had now become a place filled with powerful cultivators. The main reason for this was because of Hundred Herb Hall, which belongs to Gu Ruoyun, which had created a unique scene in Azure Dragon Country.

    "It has been more than ten years. Now that I think about it, ten years have passed since I've been reincarnated into this place. I've left the Azure Dragon Country for about seven years now." Gu Ruoyun pondered as she strolled along the prosperous streets, looking at the familiar yet strange surroundings. She then lifted the corners of her lips. "I never thought that I would come back here because the other path to the Dark Earth Realm is in Azure Dragon Country!"

    Azure Dragon Country.

    This was where her reputation had first risen!

    Before that, Gu Ruoyun had been a famous good-for-nothing who suffered from humiliation and had been beaten to death by her own grandfather! It was likely that ten years ago, those people never would have thought that she would achieve so much today.


    "Hehe, when you talk about the Azure Dragon Country, you may be allowed to be ignorant of who our current ruler is or who the Crown Prince is. However, there's one person that everyone on this mainland knows!"

    "That person is the once good-for-nothing of the Gu family ten years ago, Gu Ruoyun!"

    "Speaking of Gu Ruoyun, she really was a miracle back then. At the time, everyone had treated her with disdain and everyone wanted to beat her up. Now, even the Two Great Authorities bows to her! You must know that the Two Great Authorities are the paramounts of supremacy who rule over our mainland!"

    "Initially, there had been three Great Authorities. However, the Immortal Realm, who used to be one of the Three Great Authorities, was destroyed by Gu Ruoyun own hands. It is said that the cultivators of the Immortal Realm had laid their hands on her friends and she had then exterminated the entire Immortal Realm on her own, wiping them out completely! She had even led the other organizations into the Demon War and annihilated the demons!"

    "The reason why our West Spirit Mainland is so peaceful now is largely connected to Gu Ruoyun's contributions. Unfortunately, after the Demon War, Gu Ruoyun had left this place. Based on a reliable source, she seems to have journeyed to the East Peak Mainland.."

    Not too far away, a storyteller was spitting saliva as he told the story of the shocking battle against the demons a few years ago to a crowd of people around him.

    The audience was filled with excitement as they listened to the storyteller's passionate voice while their eyes filled with anticipation...
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