Chapter 1427: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (7)

    Chapter 1427: The Road To The Dark Earth Realm (7)

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    "She had used to be a good-for-nothing but in the end, she had managed to achieve so much mainly due to her hard work."

    "Sigh, it's unfortunate that I was very weak back then so I did not have the right to join the Demon War and I did not have the luck to meet that peerless talent. Now, my goal is to work hard in my cultivation with the hope that, one day in the future, I'll be able to get her attention."

    A young man from within the crowd spoke up yearningly.

    "Haha, stop dreaming, didn't you hear what the storyteller just said? Gu Ruoyun has made her way to the East Peak Mainland. Why should she stay at a place like this? Only mainlands with supremacy above all are fit for powerful cultivators like her. As for us, we'd better work hard and cultivate."

    The crowd burst into laughter. Based on their point of view, those who have journeyed to the East Peak Mainland will never return to this place so why should Gu Ruoyun show her face here?

    To them, they would only be able to set foot on another mainland by working hard in their cultivation. Only then would they have a chance to get to know her.

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she gently stroked the little fellow in her arms and calmly remarked,

    The little fellow purred and buried its head into Gu Ruoyun's bosom, looking absolutely blissful.

    Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to leave, a voice suddenly cried out to her, "Hey, are you looking down on my dream? Do you all think that I'll never have the chance to meet that peerless genius in this lifetime?"

    The young man's entire face had turned red. He glared angrily at the people around him before he turned to face Gu Ruoyun, filled with rage.

    The young man was clearly the same one who had mentioned that he wants to receive Gu Ruoyun's attention. However, he could not take the crowd's sneering and disdain. When he saw the careless look on Gu Ruoyun's face, he thought that she looked down on his dream and stopped her out of anger born from his shame.

    At that moment, everyone's eyes followed the young man and turned towards Gu Ruoyun.

    "Let me tell you this, I've worked very hard so that I can receive her tutelage! Yet, you've dared to look down on me, every single one of you!" The young man was extremely enraged. He has identified Gu Ruoyun as someone who looked down on him as well. "If I had been born several years earlier, I dare to guarantee that I would have been a part of the Demon War that year. Now, those of you who look down on me must apologize! Don't even think of leaving before you apologize!"

    The young man had blocked Gu Ruoyu unreasonably and his eyes were spitting fire. Why had he worked so hard throughout all these years? His dream was so great, what right do they have to look down on him?

    "Li Jie, forget it. She's only a little maiden, why bother her?"

    "Besides, you're already more than twenty years old so how many more years earlier would you have needed to be born? Even if you had been born a few years earlier, you would never have been able to join the Demon War. You've better go back and forget all about that dream."

    The man called Li Jie was so angry that his entire being was spitting fire. However, he did not have the courage to bicker with the others and instead, let all his anger out on Gu Ruoyun.

    In his opinion, Gu Ruoyun was only a young little maiden and a pushover.

    "Why did you shake your head? Were you looking down on me? I want you to apologize to me. Otherwise, you can forget about leaving."

    Because Gu Ruoyun had received such great attention upon her arrival, the expression she displayed when the storyteller was telling his tale shone into Li Jie's eyes, especially since this woman had shaken her head and tried to leave after he had declared his grand objective.

    If she had not been looking down on him, what was she doing instead?

    However, Li Jie was overthinking things. Gu Ruoyun had only stumbled across this place by accident and decided to leave after listening to the storyteller. This had absolutely nothing to do with Li Jie's dream...
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