Chapter 1430: A Surging Tide Of Spiritual Beasts (1)

    Chapter 1430: A Surging Tide Of Spiritual Beasts (1)

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    A wave of purple light suddenly exploded, enveloping the entire mountain range.

    A great door suddenly loomed in front of Gu Ruoyun. Something in the door attracted her and she could not help but walk into it...



    When Gu Ruoyun returned to her senses, she saw a blood-covered land with a dark sky which was the color of blood.

    She felt as if she had been placed into a pool of blood, even the smell of blood was wafting through the air.

    "Is this the Dark Earth Realm?" Gu Ruoyun observed the movements around her and furrowed her brows. "That can't be right. Based on what Zixie said, after we break the seal, I still have to take a great risk in other to enter the Dark Earth Realm so I can't possibly have passed it all so quickly!"

    Gu Ruoyun's entire being was on guard and she was maintaining an absolute vigilance the entire time.


    Thump, thump, thump!

    Just as Gu Ruoyun raised her guard, she heard the sound of hooves from up ahead, followed by an outburst from all types of creatures. It almost sounds as if thousands of spiritual beasts were charging wildly towards her.

    When Gu Ruoyun followed the sound and turned around, her expression changed greatly despite her many experiences with danger.

    All she could see were countless spiritual beasts which were charging towards her from not too far away. A rolling cloud of dust followed the rushing spiritual beasts as they churned the land like the hooves of ten thousand horses.

    "It's a surging tide of spiritual beasts. I never thought that I would run into a surging tide of spiritual beasts here. Besides, these spiritual beasts' ranks aren't exactly weak. The weakest amongst them are at the rank of a Martial Saint!" Gu Ruoyun observed as she clutched the broken sword in her hand tightly. Her expression has once again returned to her initially cold and clear gaze as she stared cooly at the rampaging spiritual beasts.

    "If the Nine Emperors was in my hand, perhaps I would be able to kill these spiritual beasts very quickly. However, the Nine Emperors has shown no sign of movement after consuming so many members of the Wen family. Based on my current abilities, I can't control it fully yet. I can only use my own ability in this battle and I cannot rely on the Nine Emperors!"

    Even the Ancient Divine Pagoda was temporarily out of commission in this battle due to the fact that Zixie was now in a deep slumber!

    Also, she does not know why but she had been unable to contact the spiritual beasts in her soul at all after entering this bloody land. It was as if the contract between their souls have been forcibly severed.

    This feeling made Gu Ruoyun feel very uneasy.

    However, she understood that she needs to rely on her own power in the battle this time and could not use any other external means in the fight!

    "If this is the test that I need to face in the Dark Earth Realm, I will defeat them! The person I want to be with is in the Dark Earth Realm so nothing can stop me from entering it!"

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes filled with determination. She then charged towards the spiritual beasts without another word...


    The spiritual beasts clearly never thought that Gu Ruoyun would have had the guts to make the first move and instantly let out an angry roar. They continued to charge towards her as if they did not value their lives at all. Their sharp claws slashed through the air and sparks appeared...


    Gu Ruoyun killed the spiritual beast in front of her and stumbled backward. She then quickly blocked another spiritual beast's attack.

    "No! This can't go on! After killing one spiritual beast, another ten thousand spiritual beasts will charge over! Based on this pace, I reckon that the number of spiritual beasts here would reach a few hundred thousand! I must think of another way or I'll die here!"
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