Chapter 1431: A Surging Tide Of Spiritual Beasts (2)

    Chapter 1431: A Surging Tide Of Spiritual Beasts (2)

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    Gu Ruoyun's expression turned very solemn as she stared at the rampaging spiritual beasts. However, she did not dare to show any hesitation in her movements. The broken sword flashed with a sharp light as it beheaded another charging spiritual beast.

    Under the blood-drenched sky, the initially blood-red mountainous fields were now dyed in an even stronger color. Countless spiritual beasts continued to fall before her eyes and, not too long after, the bodies of the spiritual beasts have accumulated into a small hill.

    Unfortunately, no matter how many spiritual beasts Gu Ruoyun killed, more spiritual beasts would emerge in innumerable succession as if the killing would never stop.

    Consumed by the sheer numbers of spiritual beasts, Gu Ruoyun could not hold on for much longer even if she had more spiritual energy.


    Suddenly, a powerful energy landed on Gu Ruoyun's shoulder. Her body suddenly leaned forward and almost fell to the ground. When she returned to her senses, she saw the numerous spiritual beasts crushing towards her like a wave. The spiritual beasts were densely packed as far as the eye could see...

    This crisis did not allow her to think at all and she rose once again to charge towards the spiritual beasts immediately. The broken sword in her hand then pierced fiercely through a nearby spiritual beast's chest, digging its heart out.


    There was no clear distinction between day and night under the blood-red sky. Hence, Gu Ruoyun did not know how much time has passed.

    All she knows was that after such a long period of killing, her body was gradually losing its endurance. She felt as if she was going to collapse on the ground at the very next moment!

    If she collapsed, that would signal the end of her life.

    Hence, she could only take advantage of her remaining strength. If she could kill one, she would kill one. If she could kill a pair, she would do so!


    In the end, Gu Ruoyun's strength was completely depleted by the innumerable succession of spiritual beasts. Her body suddenly toppled forward as the broken sword in her hand pierced fiercely into the blood-stained ground. The sweat on her brow was gradually rolling down her delicate forehead.

    "Xiao Ye..."

    Gu Ruoyun clutched the broken sword in her hand tightly as she softly called out Qianbei Ye's name. She then lifted her head and looked at the dense mass in front of her. Her lips curled into a bitter smile before her vision slowly turned blurry...

    In the midst of her daze, Gu Ruoyun sensed an ice-cold sensation on her face as if a soft tongue was gently licking it. After that, she felt as if a power had grasped her firmly and was trying to pull her out from this demonic abyss...


    A loud noise sounded beside Gu Ruoyun's ear and caused her entire body to shake. She instantly opened her eyes.

    However, she was shaken when she saw the scene before her...

    It was a familiar mountain range, a familiar sky, and a familiar aura.

    Didn't I just enter the Dark Earth Realm? Why have I returned to Azure Dragon Country?

    Gu Ruoyun returned to her senses and turned to look at the Secret Order's Sacred Beast in her bosom which was licking her face. She then furrowed her brows.

    Suddenly, she felt enlightened. "I understand now. Zixie had told me that even journeying through this path into the Dark Earth Realm was highly risky and the reason for that was because once the seal was lifted, everyone around the vicinity of this sealed area would fall into a hallucination! Everything I had experienced just now was just a hallucination!"

    Her eyes sank as she continued to speak, "If I had been unable to free myself from this hallucination, there would only be only three outcomes. One, I would have stayed in this place forever. Two, I would have been trampled to death by the spiritual beasts. Three, I would die after exhausting all my spiritual energy! However, I don't know how I had managed to successfully leave the hallucination. This must be related to the power which had suddenly appeared to pull me out of the hallucination!"
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