Chapter 1434: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (3)

    Chapter 1434: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (3)

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    The man's seductive voice caused Gu Ruoyun's heart to slowly sink. She then turned to look into the distance as she calmly replied, "Xiao Ye had ended up trapped in the Dark Earth Realm in order to save my big brother. I've come here to find and rescue him!"

    Zuo Shangchen's peach blossom eyes flickered when he heard this and he flashed a devastatingly beautiful smile on his seductive face.

    "Xiao Yun'er, if you need any help, just say the word. I'm certainly duty-bound to help you!"

    A warm current rushed across Gu Ruoyun's heart when she heard his determined voice. She then turned t him and smiled, "Thank you. I'll ask if I need help."

    Now that it has been mentioned, she has known Zuo Shangchen for a very long time.

    This man had helped her time and again when she was still very weak in the past.

    Even if he had helped her for Gu Shengxiao's sake, she would remember this friendship forever!

    "Brother Zuo!"

    The pink-robed woman, who had tagged along with Zuo Shangchen, clearly did not want Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen to get too close. She stuck herself between the two and blocked Gu Ruoyun's view of the man as her large eyes filled with anger.

    "How are you acquainted with such a lowly commoner?" The pink-robed woman sized Gu Ruoyun up as she asked. When she saw the broken sword in Gu Ruoyun's hand, a disdainful look appeared in her eyes.

    "She doesn't even have a decent weapon! She's actually that poor! Men, give her a hundred gold pieces so she will stay away from Brother Zuo!"

    The pink-robed woman lifted her snow-white chin and stared dominantly down at Gu Ruoyun as she spoke.

    "Yes, Eldest Lady."

    A guard, who had followed the pink-robed woman, took a bag containing a hundred gold pieces from his lapel when he heard her command and threw it in front of Gu Ruoyun. He then ordered haughtily, "This has been bestowed upon you by our Eldest Lady so you can leave now! You're only a poor commoner yet you dare to fight with our Eldest Lady over a man!"

    At that moment, the pink-robed woman and her bodyguard had not sensed the drop in temperature around them.

    Zuo Shangchen's seductive face has turned very cold. His eyes displayed an absolute murderous intent as he turned towards the pink-robed woman. However, he did not do anything but his enticing lips were curled into a contemptuous angle.

    He then turned his peach blossom eyes towards Gu Ruoyun. He would love to see what Xiao Yun'er was going to do to punish this woman who has an exaggerated opinion of her own abilities!

    That was right!

    This woman had indeed tagged along with Zuo Shangchen to this place but that does not mean that he liked her!

    If it had not been for his Master's orders, her remarks would have caused her to die a thousand times!

    Gu Ruoyun stared at the bag of money indifferently before she bent down to pick it up. She weighed the amount in the purse as her lips curled into an angle, "One hundred gold pieces? If you can produce ten million gold pieces, I would consider your offer!"

    "You..." The pink-robed woman was trembling with rage. She then glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun, "Have you gone mad from poverty? Ten million gold pieces? Are you trying to rob me? Let me give you some advice, Brother Zuo is mine. If you dare have any intentions towards him, I will send you to a tragic end!"

    Gu Ruoyun's mouth fell open in shock as if she had just heard some shocking news. She then turned around towards Zuo Shangchen who had an ugly look on his face and blinked as she asked, "Sister-in-law, when did you belong to someone else? Don't you want my big brother anymore?"
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