Chapter 1435: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (4)

    Chapter 1435: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (4)

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    Forget about the pink-robed woman who was infatuated with Zuo Shangchen, even the bystanders around them who were enjoying the show were astonished.

    "What did you just say?" The pink-robed woman was turned sluggish in an instant. She completely forgot about scolding Gu Ruoyun as she pointed dazed at Zuo Shangchen, "Are you saying that he's your sister-in-law? That's not possible, Brother Chen is a man so how can he be your sister-in-law?"

    Gu Ruoyun's expression has become even more shocked. She blinked and asked, "Don't you know? This evildoer is homosexual! Otherwise, how could an average man have such seductive looks?"

    Zuo Shangchen, who was right next to her, shook his head exasperatedly when he saw Gu Ruoyun's feigned surprise. He was used to her cool and indifferent manner but he never knew she could be so two-faced...

    "Impossible, this is impossible!"

    The pink-robed woman shook her head as she stumbled backward. Her pampered features were extremely pale and she has clearly suffered a heavy attack.

    She could not believe that the man she loves so deeply had turned out to be homosexual!

    Compared with Zuo Shangchen falling for another, this was way harder for her to accept!

    "Brother Chen, tell me this isn't true! Don't you like women and not men?"

    The pink-robed woman quickly lifted her head and looked at Zuo Shangchen as she asked, holding onto her last shred of hope.

    Zuo Shangchen looked at her as a smile filled his peach blossom eyes. However, there was no warmth in his gaze at all. "Su Lin, she speaks the truth!"


    Those words struck the prink-robed woman like a stroke of lightning, rooting her to the spot. Her tender face then filled with tears as she stared with blurring vision at the man's seductive face beneath the setting sun.


    Suddenly, she screamed and turned around before running off in the opposite direction. When her bodyguard saw that she had left, he had quickly run after her...

    "I had owed you a lot of favors." Gu Ruoyun paused and smiled at Zuo Shangchen before she continued, "So this time, I've helped you to solve this problem."

    Gu Ruoyun could tell from the very beginning that Zuo Shangchen was growing impatient with the pink-robed woman. However, she does not know why he did not chase her away.

    Despite her methods, she had returned him a favor.

    "I wonder how that fellow, Shengxiao, would look like if he hears of how you've blackened his name." Zuo Shangchen could not help but burst into laughter.

    His smile was absolutely magnificent and devastatingly beautiful!

    The smile swayed the women around him but in their hearts, they only felt great pity over how this peerless and seductive man was actually homosexual!

    Gu Ruoyun did not speak as a peculiar light flashed in her eyes. She turned towards Zuo Shangchen and said, "Evil man, though I'm very grateful to you for helping me time and again, there's one thing that I must make very clear! I may be Gu Shengxiao's little sister but I don't want you to always save me for his sake. My brother and I already owe you way too much."

    This man had traveled from East Peak Mainland to the First City for Gu Shengxiao then journeyed from the First City to the Dark Earth Realm. To say that she does not feel moved would be a lie.

    Unfortunately, so what if she feels moved?

    Her big brother was straight. No matter how much gratitude she feels for Zuo Shangchen, she could not help him!

    "Evildoer, if there's anything that you need in the future, I will help you even if I'm a thousand miles away." Gu Ruoyun then turned around very slowly so that her back faced Zuo Shangchen as she calmly remarked, "However, I do hope that you can let go of your feelings towards my big brother. My brother can't ever accept this. I may be able to help you with other matters but my hands are tied when it comes to this situation!"
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