Chapter 1436: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (5)

    Chapter 1436: Meeting Zuo Shangchen Again (5)

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    The smile on Zuo Shangchen's face slowly faded as an indiscernible flash of pain passed through his peach blossom eyes.

    This fellow knows everything!

    It made sense, how could someone as smart as this woman fail to notice the hidden feelings he has for Gu Shengxiao?

    He chuckled as he replied, "Xiao Yun'er, Shengxiao and I are friends to the end. Helping you is expected. You're overthinking things. I had agreed with what you said because I wanted Su Lin to give up. I have no other intentions."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow as she turned back towards Zu Shangchen and asked with a forced smile, "Are you certain?"

    "I'm sure!"

    Zuo Shangchen's eyes flashed as he replied with conviction.

    This time, it was Gu Ruoyun who felt puzzled.

    Was I mistaken in that Zuo Shangchen was not secretly in love with my big brother?

    "I hope that's the case." Gu Ruoyun sighed. If her big brother was also attracted to men, she would have wished them both the best. Unfortunately, her big brother was straight and would never accept his love. "By the way, tell me this, who is Su Lin?"

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun seemed to remember something and asked.

    Zuo Shangchen could not help but furrow his brows when he heard this. "Su Lin is the Eldest Lady from the Regional King's Mansion! She is also his most beloved daughter. My Master is friends with the Regional King so while my main objective to the Dark Earth Realm was indeed to look for Gu Shengxiao, the other objective was to do something for my Master."

    "Regional King?"

    "The Regional King is the Marquis of the Heavenly Moon Country in the Dark Earth Realm and his power overflows across the skies. His might is unfathomable. If you want to find Qianbei Ye, perhaps the Regional King can help you. Knowing his camaraderie with my Master, he would certainly help us."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent. After a long pause, she asked, "Zuo Shangchen, we've known each other for a long time now but I've never met your Master. I don't know what kind of person your Master is."

    "Actually." Zuo Shangchen paused. "I've never met my Master either."

    "You've never met your Master?"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Zuo Shangchen as she asked in a puzzled manner.

    "That's right." Zuo Shangchen nodded with a bitter smile on his seductive face. "I've never really met him. If he has any instructions, he would speak to me through soul telepathy. Even my cultivation methods were carried out in my dreams! Up until now, I've never met him in person!"

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and her thoughts were shrouded in mystery. She then lifted her head and asked Zuo Shangchen, "Who did your Master assigned you to look for during this trip to the Dark Earth Realm?"

    Zuo Shangchen shook his head, "My Master did not give me any details. He only asked me to visit the Regional King's Mansion and after I had paid the Regional King's Mansion a visit... You know the outcome."

    There was a sense of exasperation on the man's face.

    "The Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion had been spoiled rotten all her life. She's been spoiled by the Regional King to the point of becoming a despot. Furthermore, she has an innate tendency for starry-eyed infatuation. She was beginning to annoy me and if you had not chased her away, I'm afraid that I would never have any peace during my journey."

    Zuo Shangchen's expression filled with impatience when he mentioned the Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion. If it was not for the friendship between the Regional King and his Master, he would have thrown that disgusting love-struck idiot away.

    How was he even able to endure it until this moment?
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