Chapter 1437: The Three Great Forces (1)

    Chapter 1437: The Three Great Forces (1)

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    "Fourth Prince, can you tell me how the Dark Earth Realm is organized?"

    Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment as her eyes turned towards Zuo Shangchen. Her gaze was filled with a somber air.

    The Dark Earth Realm holds one of the most secretive existence in the world. Gu Ruoyun, who was here for the first time, would not be aware of the division of power of the Dark Earth Realm. However, she could tell that the mysterious Dark Earth Realm's power structure should not be very different from the mainland.

    Zuo Shangchen flashed a devastatingly beautiful smile while his peach blossom eyes looked at the woman in green in front of him.

    "The Dark Earth Realm's power structure is similar to the mainland's and is made up of many intertwined forces. Amongst these forces are unpopular organizations, third-rate organizations, second-rate organizations, and first-rate organizations." Zuo Shangchen paused before he continued to speak. "Each organization's division has one standard. For example, organizations that consist of Martial Saints were considered as unpopular organizations!"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows.

    A single Martial Saint could send shockwaves in the East Peak Mainland and only the First City had cultivators above the Martial Saint rank.

    Though Martial Saints do not hold a very high position in the First City, they would not be considered unpopular either!

    "If you want to reach the rank of a third-rate organization, you must have one person who has broken through to the exceptional state!" Zuo Shangchen's heart turned heavy and his voice no longer carried his usual indolent and seductive air. "Similarly, a second-rate organization must have a refined state cultivator as a commander. As for first-rate organizations, it was said that the leaders of first-rate organizations must have already broken through to the rank of the early stage, ninth transformation state!"

    Ninth transformation! That was the current peak amongst humans so one could imagine how powerful those first-rate organizations were!

    "Zuo Shangchen, how many first-rate organizations are there in the Dark Earth Realm?" Gu Ruoyun had fallen silent for a moment before she lifted her head and asked.

    Zuo Shangchen smiled, "There are three great first-rate organizations and they are divided into the Heavenly Moon Empire, Spiritual Military Academy, and the Underworld! That woman that you had just angered and chased away is the Eldest Lady of Heavenly Moon Empire's Regional King Mansion. Within these Three Great Forces, the Spiritual Military Academy has the lowest rank. Even though the leader of the Three Great Forces is a cultivator in the ninth transformation state, the Spiritual Military Academy nurtures talents for other organizations so its collective power is not on par with the other two organizations."

    "As for the Underworld..." Zuo Shangchen's eyes slowly sank. "They are the most mysterious amongst the Three Great Forces. My information on the Underworld is limited so I'm not too certain of the Underworld's existence! Besides, I don't even know where the Underworld's headquarter is located!"

    Zuo Shangchen's Dark Yin Palace was widely involved in many things, including gathering information. Whether it was the West Spirit Mainland or the First City, no organization could hide their secrets from the Dark Yin Palace. However, he was unable to find out anything about the Underworld.

    From this, one could tell how mysterious the Underworld really was!

    "However..." Zuo Shangchen seem to remember something and continued, "I heard that the Underworld's Master was the man who had created the Dark Earth Realm!"

    Gu Ruoyun paused for a moment as a sense of shock appeared in her eyes.

    The Dark Earth Realm had been created by the Underworld's Master? How powerful was this mysterious person?

    Gu Ruoyun suddenly thought of the mysterious woman who had created the Ancient Divine Pagoda and who was also Zixie's previous Master. If there was anyone in this world who could be compared to the Underworld's Master, it would be her!

    "Of course, this is all just a myth so I can't confirm if it's true." A peculiar light flashed in Zuo Shangchen's eyes as he slowly spoke, "It is said that this Dark Earth Realm was a place where the Underworld's Master used to imprison his enemies and he had even placed a Three-Headed Hell Dragon to stand guard. Hence, this was why no one has dared to leave this place and no one dares to enter it either! Unfortunately, ten thousand years ago, the Underworld's Master had vanished and the Underworld had plunged from its initial peak existence of power to a first-rate organization of the same level as the Heavenly Moon Empire!"
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