Chapter 1443: The Regional Kings Mansion (3)

    Chapter 1443: The Regional King's Mansion (3)

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    Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun still managed to sense the anger and rage in Su Lin's heart.

    The corners of her lips curled into an indifferent angle but she stayed silent. However, her eyes turned very cold and no one could read the emotion on her clear and cold face.

    "Xiao Yun'er?"

    Zuo Shangchen sensed the change in Gu Ruoyun's demeanor and was shocked. He swept his enticing gaze across her as he frowned. He then turned a seemingly careless look at Su Lin who was next to the Regional King. His eyes gently flickered but no one could tell what he was thinking.

    "Haha, Lady Gu, you must be tired from your long journey. I will now send someone to escort you to get some rest." The Regional King burst into laughter once again and had remained smiling the entire time. However, Gu Ruoyun does not know why but she felt as if his smile was merely a mask.

    It's fake!

    That's right, he's hiding something!

    At this moment, the Regional King's behavior caused Gu Ruoyun to feel that he was being hypocritical.

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered when she sensed this. It looks like this Regional King was not as simple as Zuo Shangchen had said.


    Gu Ruoyun nodded as she thought of this while a small smile hung on the corners of her lips.

    Hearing this, the Regional King immediately gave the order and asked his servants to prepare the guest room for Gu Ruoyun. Whether it was intentional or not, he had arranged for Gu Ruoyun to stay in a room next to his own...

    Zuo Shangchen felt that it was a little bit inappropriate and frowned. "Regional King, let Xiao Yun'er stay in the wing next to mine. There's no need to trouble yourself."

    The Regional King was shocked. He never expected Zuo Shangchen to step out and speak against his arrangement.

    After all, he had his reasons for placing Gu Ruoyun next to his room.

    One of them was due to his Master's instructions. The second reason was to place Gu Ruoyun far away from Zuo Shangchen so his daughter would be in a favorable position to gain special advantages. He also wanted to keep an eye on her!

    "Brother Chen." Su Lin quickly spoke up when she noticed that her father was slow to respond, "My father is doing this for your own good. You are such a peerless and devastatingly beautiful man. What if she has evil intentions to climb into your bed? Nowadays, there are some people would offend common decency and commit such acts!"

    She had shot a look at Gu Ruoyun as she spoke disdainfully.

    She would never give this woman the chance to approach her Brother Chen!

    Brother Chen will only ever belong to her!

    However, she did not realize that Zuo Shangchen had been offended by her use of the phrase 'peerless and devastatingly beautiful man' about him.

    Zuo Shangchen knitted his brows instantly as a malicious air filled his beautiful features.

    God knows how much he hates it when someone uses those words like 'devastatingly beautiful' to describe him! To him, this phrase could only be used to describe women. Su Lin's words were not a compliment to him but had hurt his ego instead!

    If the Regional King had not been his Master's old friend, he would have thrown this damned woman out a long time ago!

    Zuo Shangchen took a deep breath and suppressed the raging flame in his heart. He then turned his peach blossom gaze towards the Regional King and asked, "Regional King, tidy up the room next to mine for her to stay in, alright?"

    "This..." The Regional King fell silent but could not find any reason to reject his request. In the end, he could only nod in exasperation as he said, "Alright, I'll send someone to make preparations."

    How unfortunate...

    He had thought to arrange for Gu Ruoyun to stay next to him so that he would have the perfect opportunity to steal her Ancient Divine Pagoda. He had not expected Zuo Shangchen to stop him.
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