Chapter 1444: The Regional Kings Mansion (4)

    Chapter 1444: The Regional King's Mansion (4)

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    Was it possible that he had noticed something?


    That's absolutely impossible!

    This fellow can't possibly have known about my bad intentions towards Gu Ruoyun. Otherwise, he would not have brought her to the Regional King's Mansion.

    The Regional King's guess was not very far off from the truth. Zuo Shangchen certainly was unaware of his true intentions or he would never have brought Gu Ruoyun to this place! He had only felt that the Regional King had too many concubine chambers in his rear courtyard. That fact was enough to prove that the Regional King was a pervert so how could Zuo Shangchen rest assured when the Regional King had planned to place Gu Ruoyun in a room next to his?

    What if this fellow had molested her, how would he explain this to Gu Shengxiao?

    It would be safer if Xiao Yun'er was by his side.

    At least this fellow would not do anything out of character on account of his Master.


    Once the Regional King had made the arrangements, Gu Ruoyun followed the Regional King's servant girls and walked into the rear courtyard. After tidying her belongings, she crossed her legs as she sat on her bed and began her silent meditation.

    Unfortunately, her meditation would not last very long.

    Soon after she had entered into a meditative state, a luxurious lily-white hand pushed the door open with a creak. Gu Ruoyun looked up as the pink-robed Su Lin walked into the room.

    At this moment, Su Lin's entire face was filled with rage. Her eyes carried a ferocious air as she glared at Gu Ruoyun fiercely.

    She was no longer feigning a tender and lovable air like the way she had acted in front of Zuo Shangchen just now.

    "Speak, what can I do to make you leave Brother Chen?" Su Lin gnashed her teeth viciously as she asked. Her eyes were filled with venom as she stared at Gu Ruoyun. "As long as you leave Brother Chen, I will grant you endless glory, splendor, wealth, and rank! Furthermore, I can even gift you with a low-class spiritual weapon!"

    Based on the Heavenly Moon Empire's position in the Dark Earth Realm, to own a low-class spiritual weapon was nothing strange at all.

    Especially since Su Lin's father was the second most powerful cultivator in the Heavenly Moon Empire.

    However, Su Lin's ability to casually gift a low-class spiritual weapon to someone else was enough to prove the Dark Earth Realm's long heritage and history! After all, on the mainland, even the First City's Three Great Protectors would never gift someone a low-class spiritual weapon so casually.

    However, a low-class spiritual weapon meant almost next to nothing to Gu Ruoyun.

    There was also something else that she had mistakenly assumed!

    Even as the Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion, Su Lin has yet to reach the level where she could casually give a spiritual weapon away. She only has two low-class spiritual weapons in her hands but she had grudgingly gifted one to Gu Ruoyun because she loves Zuo Shangchen so much.

    As long as this woman was willing to leave Zuo Shangchen, forget about giving away one low-class spiritual weapon. Even if she had been asked to hand over both spiritual weapons, she would do it!

    "No, not only do I want you to leave Brother Chen, I want you to get into bed with another man and have Brother Chen walk in and witness this scene. This way, he will certainly give up on you." Su Lin seemed to think of something more and continued to speak, "You shouldn't think of getting into bed with another man as a loss to you. It would be advantageous to you if you can obtain a low-class spiritual weapon by using your own body! After all, someone like you would never have the ability to gain a low-class spiritual weapon in this lifetime."

    Su Lin had raised her head arrogantly as she looked at Gu Ruoyun. It was as if she expected this woman to quickly express her thanks to her profusely.

    "Besides, I can see that you're only sticking to Brother Chen because of the powerful force behind him. I'm the only one who loves Brother Chen wholeheartedly but Brother Chen's heart has been fooled by you and is mistaking fish eyes for pearls. He is missing out on his chance to have someone who truly deserves his love."

    In reality, Su Lin had never intended to bribe Gu Ruoyun. She had wanted to kill her but she knows that Brother Chen's heart would still be fixated on this woman even if she was dead! Therefore, the only way to make Brother Chen give up on Gu Ruoyun was to make her betray him!
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