Chapter 1447: The Regional Kings Mansion (7)

    Chapter 1447: The Regional King's Mansion (7)

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    "Brother Chen, you..."

    Su Lin's eyes widened in disbelief.

    How can this be?

    I was clearly the one who had been attacked but why is Brother Chen acting as if he hadn't seen a thing and intends on leaving with this woman?

    "No, you can't leave!"

    Suddenly, she returned to her senses and charged towards Zuo Shangchen like a maniac. Zuo Shangchen merely furrowed his brows and moved aside. As a result, Su Lin ended up charging into thin air and nearly fell to the ground.

    This action had hurt Su Lin even more. She felt as if her heart was riddled with gaping wounds and could not hold her tears back.

    "Brother Chen, don't you trust me? This woman doesn't really love you, she's only using you to get to my father! She doesn't have any good intentions at all!"

    Zuo Shangchen laughed icily. "You say that she's using me to get to the Regional King? I really don't know why Xiao Yun'er would like to get to know the Regional King."

    Su Lin's heart leaped with glee when Zuo Shangchen answered her question. She forgot about her agony and quickly continued, "Because she wants to seduce my father! Brother Chen, she has evil plans. You mustn't be deceived."

    Zuo Shangchen laughed.

    His laugh was absolutely magnificent and was enough to send all living things into a frenzy.

    Su Lin was dumbstruck as she stared foolishly at Zuo Shangchen. If she could marry such a peerless man, she would have no regrets in this lifetime.

    "At the end of the day, the Regional King is only the second most powerful cultivator in the Heavenly Moon Empire." Zuo Shangchen raised his brow as he spoke. His smile was absolutely evil and devastatingly beautiful. "I don't think that Xiao Yun'er would have such bad taste and refuse such an outstanding man like me to pursue an old bull like the Regional King, am I right, Xiao Yun'er?"

    Zuo Shangchen had turned his gaze to Gu Ruoyun and looked at her with a forced smile.

    Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes at him and did not say a word. After all, this evildoer was helping her so she should not undermine him either.

    "Su Lin." Zuo Shangchen's expression gradually sank when he noticed that Su Lin was about to speak. "I had tried to be amicable for my Master's sake but if you insist on bullying Xiao Yun'er, I won't mind making you my enemy! Are you accusing Xiao Yun'er of wanting to seduce your father? Do you really think that your father is that powerful that she would waste her energy to seduce him?"

    Su Lin's face changed from green to white and back again as she bit her lip and stared at the evildoer with a sorrowful and hopeless look on her face.

    "Brother Chen, my father has spoken to your Master that he wants to matchmake me with you! Are you going to oppose your Master's order?"

    Su Lin was only trying to scare Zuo Shangchen.

    She was also reminding him that even if he wants to be with Gu Ruoyun, his Master would never approve of it.

    However, Zuo Shangchen only laughed disdainfully at her and snapped his fan open. His peerless, peach blossom-like features were filled with smiles as his eyes swept across Su Lin's face disdainfully.

    "I don't need anyone's permission when it comes to my personal matter! Especially the issue of my own wedding, I don't need anyone else to make the decision for me even if that person is my Master! He does not have the right to make me marry you either!" The contempt in his eyes thickened as he spoke, "However, are you unable to marry? Is that why you're sticking to me so much? If you lack the company of men, why not visit a brothel? There are many men there ready to wait on you!"

    Gu Ruoyun gently curled her lips. She never thought that this fellow, Zuo Shangchen, would have such a venomously lovely side!
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