Chapter 1452: The Heavenly Moon Empire Competition (4)

    Chapter 1452: The Heavenly Moon Empire Competition (4)

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    However, this woman holds a noble position, that of the Imperial consort of the Heavenly Moon Empire!

    If Gu Ruoyun insists on making an enemy of her, she would lose her chance to join the competition!

    In reality, Zuo Shangchen was overthinking things.

    Had she faced any lack of rolled eyes and disdain after reaching her current level? Yet, she has managed to reach her achievements anyway so she paid no attention to the Imperial consort's words.

    "Aunt, she's not some heiress from a family of courtiers nor is she from any sort of organization." Su Lin curled the corners of her lips as she looked at Gu Ruoyun provocatively. She continued as her eyes filled with venom, "She's only a nobody with no power or entitlement. Otherwise, she would not have needed to seduce my father and fantasized about utilizing my father's connections to register for the competition!"

    Anyone, no matter who they were, would need to have reached the exceptional state if they wish to join the Heavenly Moon Empire's competition!

    Those who have not broken through to the exceptional state do not have the right to participate.

    Su Lin had long been aware that Zuo Shangchen intends on participating in the competition. Of course, based on Zuo Shangchen's level of power, a successful registration would not be a problem for him!

    As for this woman, she was obviously tagging along with Zuo Shangchen to be here!

    However, why should Su Lin allow her wish to be fulfilled?

    She had said all these things on purpose in order to drag Gu Ruoyun down! She wants to ensure that Gu Ruoyun's existence would fade prematurely!

    The Imperial consort's expression sank as she asked in a dark voice, "Lin'er, what do you mean? Are you saying that she..."

    "Aunt." Su Lin pursed her lips wickedly as her eyes filled with venom. "You don't know how disgusting this woman really is. As she has not reached the exceptional state, she had seduced my father so he could fabricate this for her and allow her to qualify for the finals. However, you know what my father is like! Such a magnanimous gentleman like himself would never abuse his power! Who would have thought that this woman would end up shamed into anger? Not only had she spouted nonsense, but she had also humiliated the rest of the geniuses in the Heavenly Moon Empire by claiming that these geniuses aren't as powerful as her."

    Once she had said her piece, Su Lin unconsciously glanced at Zuo Shangchen who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun, afraid that the man would step out to shield Gu Ruoyun.

    Even though she does not fear Zuo Shangchen, she does not want to make an enemy of the man she loves.

    However, when Su Lin's eyes fell upon Zuo Shangchen's face, she noticed a sneer which was hanging on the man's face as if he was laughing at her.

    His mocking smile made Su Lin's heart tremble. She felt as if something was not right but she could not say anything about it. Of course, based on her intelligence level, she would never have considered that Gu Ruoyun was not here to just accompany Zuo Shangchen. Her true intention was to join the competition.

    "What? This woman is too brazen to actually believe that she is the most powerful genius!"

    Nevertheless, Su Lin's words have successfully drawn the ire of the other geniuses.

    They glared at Gu Ruoyun with eyes spitting fire and felt a great urge to strangle the woman to death.

    "Hmph! If she wants to join the competition, she must have already reached the exceptional state. How can someone who has never broken through to the exceptional state possibly have the right to join this competition?"

    "That's right! Since the Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion had said that she hasn't reached the exceptional state, she must be nothing more than a Martial Saint! When has a Martial Saint ever gotten the chance to join the Heavenly Moon Empire's competition? She could even speak such nonsense and boast without shame!"

    The smile on Su Lin's face deepened as she listened to the crowd's angry curses. Her sinister eyes had remained on Gu Ruoyun the entire time.
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