Chapter 1453: The Heavenly Moon Empire Competition (5)

    Chapter 1453: The Heavenly Moon Empire Competition (5)

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    The thing was, Su Lin was ignorant about the extent of Gu Ruoyun's power. To her, the woman's power was barely discernible so it was difficult for her to detect.

    For someone to have this type of aura, they must either be exceptionally powerful or extremely weak.

    Su Lin, who hates Gu Ruoyun so much, would never want her to be powerful so she had subconsciously considered her as a weakling! Everyone else was just blindly following the wind. Hence, no one had really bothered to investigate Gu Ruoyun's power!

    A calm smile hung on Gu Ruoyun's delicate face as she faced the crowd's ridicule. She then turned her thoughtful gaze towards Su Lin as the smile in her eyes grew even more pronounced.

    "Su Lin, looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet."

    Su Lin's expression changed drastically when she remembered how Gu Ruoyun had slapped her back then. She retorted, "If it hadn't been for your sneak attack, do you think that I would have allowed you to hit me? Based on your power level, you are simply no match for me!"

    "Oh, was that the case?" Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips and looked at Su Lin with a forced smile, "Have you registered for the competition as well?"


    Su Lin raised her snow-white chin as her face filled with arrogance, "That's right. I'm not like you, you don't even meet the criteria for registration!"

    "Since that's the case," Gu Ruoyun paused before she continued, "Why don't we sign a contract? Whoever lives or dies will be based on our own luck, alright?"


    The crowd instantly dove into a sensation.

    Regardless of where the competition was taking place, one should take care not to overdo things. There may be some special cases who will sign a life or death contract before the competition. This means that whether they live or die would have nothing to do with anyone else. Even the referees would not have the right to stop them!

    However, the crowd did not expect Gu Ruoyun to be the first one to raise the life or death contract!

    Su Lin's face has turned entirely ashen as she stared at Gu Ruoyun hatefully. She looked as if she wanted to carve a hole into Gu Ruoyun's body.

    "You want to sign a life or death contract with me?"

    That was right, Gu Ruoyun's meaning was clear. She wants to establish a life and death contract with Su Lin!

    However, what Su Lin could not understand was how this woman had found the courage to raise this type of a condition? Was she not afraid of dying by Su Lin's hand?

    "Are you afraid?" Gu Ruoyun looked at Su Lin and smiled indifferently as she spoke.

    "Afraid? Hehe, Gu Ruoyun, you're overestimating yourself. I, Su Lin, have never been afraid of anyone. I will sign the life and death contract but you must also have the ability to join the competition first!" Su Lin laughed icily.

    One must be at the exceptional state to be able to register for the competition. She simply could not figure out how could Gu Ruoyun could say these words in such a serious manner!

    Could it be that she has already broken through to the exceptional state?

    How could this be?

    Su Lin shook her head at the thought of this.

    Gu Ruoyun was so young and she has no background or support. She could not possibly have broken through so quickly!


    The Imperial consort was about to stop Su Lin but to no avail, Su Lin had already agreed to the deal. At that moment, her expression has turned particularly unsightly. She knitted her brows tightly and turned towards Gu Ruoyun as she spoke, "Young Lady, I hope that you can take back what you've just said. It's best for you to avoid casually signing a life or death contract. Otherwise, I'm worried that people might say that Lin'er is abusing others!"

    The Imperial consort had looked down on Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning.

    However, when Gu Ruoyun mentioned the life or death contract, she felt that something was not right! If Gu Ruoyun does not have an absolute guarantee, why would she be so certain that her registration would be a success?

    Hence, the Imperial consort wants to make the woman retract the life or death contract before she has thoroughly investigated the latter's identity!

    As for why she would not allow Su Lin to go back on the deal...

    The reason was very simple. If Su Lin had gone back on the deal, the Regional King's Mansion would lose their reputation. How could she allow the Regional King's Mansion's reputation to fall? Between the two of them, Gu Ruoyun should be the one to lose her reputation! Hence, the Imperial consort wanted to threaten Gu Ruoyun to give up on signing the life or death contract!
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