Chapter 1455: Contradiction In Strength (2)

    Chapter 1455: Contradiction In Strength (2)

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    The Imperial consort laughed bitterly and shook her head while an exasperated look appeared on her face.

    She could sense that Gu Ruoyun was not as simple as she seems but she could not say that. Otherwise, her stubborn niece would become even more furious!

    "Eunuch Li." Su Lin turned towards the eunuch who was writing something and instructed, "Regardless of whether this woman is able to pass the registration or not, I want you to put her name in anyways! If she wants to die, I'll send her on her way!"

    Su Lin had wanted to humiliate Gu Ruoyun on the spot from the very beginning! However, she has now changed her mind and Gu Ruoyun has to be registered successfully no matter what. Only then would she have enough reason to kill her!

    Even if her father were to arrive now, he could not stop her!

    Gu Ruoyun did not seem to hear Su Lin's voice as she headed towards Eunuch Li. Her footsteps were light and graceful as her green robes fluttered gently in the breeze.

    Zuo Shangchen gazed at her back as the corners of his lips gently curled upwards. His peach blossom eyes then swept across Su Lin with a sinister air.

    "Looks like Su Lin is tired of living which was why she dared to provoke Xiao Yun'er."

    Zuo Shangchen sighed gently but the peerless smile on his peach blossom eyes did not change. He was as beautiful as a seductress and could send all living things into a frenzy.

    "I remember how Xiao Yun'er had made many enemies along her travels. However, those enemies have all died her hand. If Su Lin could have let it pass after that lesson, her life could have been spared. Unfortunately..."

    Even though Zuo Shangchen was lamenting over how unfortunate the situation was, his face could not conceal his gloating.

    Obviously, he could not stand the sight of Su Lin since a long time ago yet he had been hindered by the fact that she was the daughter of his Master's old friend. That was why he had not taken any action back then. However, if Gu Ruoyun were to act instead, it has nothing to do with him! His Master could not blame him either!


    The crowd's eyes were gathered upon Gu Ruoyun's figure in the rear courtyard as if they wanted to know if she was a good-for-nothing like Su Lin had claimed.

    The crowd watched as Gu Ruoyun approached Eunuch Li and said, "I'm here to register for the competition. May I ask what the registration process is?"

    Eunuch Li was shaken and unconsciously glanced at the Imperial consort. The Imperial consort nodded at him and he turned away to reply in a hoarse, traitorous voice, "This is a spirit stone used specifically by the Imperial Palace to test someone's power level. You may direct your power to the palm of your hand into the spirit stone. We can then distinguish your powers through the cracks that appear in the spirit stone."

    One should know that on this mainland, some divine weapons could be used to falsify a cultivator's rank!

    Even if a person has not reached the exceptional state, they could manipulate their aura to imitate that of a cultivator in the exceptional state.

    Hence, this was why the Heavenly Moon Empire has utilized the spirit stone as a testing method!

    Everyone knows that one could falsify their own rank and a cultivator's aura could be changed. The only thing which could not be forged was their innate power!

    Gu Ruoyun was slightly shaken as her gaze landed on the spirit stone in front of her. When she got a better look at the spirit stone, she became even more shocked.

    "This spirit stone..."

    Isn't this similar to the stone tablet that I'd seen at the Holy City in the Banished Lands?

    At that time, she had journeyed towards the Banished Lands in to obtain the Hell's Lotus and save Qianbei Ye. To enter the Holy City in the Banished Lands, one has to go through a test set up by the Ye family. That test was to break a diamond tablet by using all her power in a single hit.

    Only those who were able to leave a small crack on the stone tablet would be allowed to enter the Holy City.

    Who would have thought that she had ended up shattering the entire tablet by accident...

    Gu Ruoyun never thought that she would see a similar stone tablet again and her eyes flashed with a strange light, "I only need to hit this spirit stone?"

    "That's right." Eunuch Li nodded, "You need to hit it with all your might. Your eligibility for passing the registration depends on the level of damage this spirit stone receives!"

    Gu Ruoyun looked the spirit stone which was covered in cracks and took a deep breath.

    She had not forgetten the consequences from using all of her might in pounding the stone last time.

    Hence, she does not have any intention of using all her power this time!
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