Chapter 1457: Contradiction In Strength (4)

    Chapter 1457: Contradiction In Strength (4)

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    "Your Imperial Majesty, I humbly request an audience for an important matter."

    Just then, a sharp and hoarse voice sounded from outside the door.

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor furrowed his sharp brows as the brush in his hand finished its last heavy stroke on an official memorial. He then calmly replied as he closed the memorial, "Enter."

    The dusty-looking Eunuch Li hurriedly walked into the room as soon as he heard that command.

    "Eunuch Li, did We not send you to settle the registrations? What? Has it finished so soon?" The Heavenly Moon Emperor lifted his head to look at the sweaty Eunuch Li as he asked in a cold and distant voice.

    "Reporting to You, Your Imperial Majesty. Something has happened during the registration," Eunuch Li carefully replied. "The spirit stone may have been worn out over the years and a woman had turned it into rubble after one blow."


    The brush slipped from the Heavenly Moon Emperor's hand and landed onto the memorial. His handsome brow furrowed even more as a nearly undetectable light flashed in his eyes.

    "Is this true?"

    "Your Imperial Majesty, this is absolutely true. The spirit stone has been destroyed."

    Hearing this, the Heavenly Moon Emperor was deep in thought for a moment before he replied, "The registrations shall end here. As for that woman who had destroyed the spirit stone with a single blow, permit her to enter the competition arena."

    "At Your Imperial Majesty's command."

    Eunuch Li bowed his head and slowly withdrew.

    "The spirit stone has been destroyed?" The Heavenly Moon Emperor watched as Eunuch Li's figure disappeared. His brow quirked into an angle but his voice was just as cold and distant as ever, "We have now broken through to the ninth transformation state but even We have not been able to destroy the spirit stone. That woman is not as simple as she seems! We'd love to meet this woman!"


    In the rear courtyard, Su Lin spotted Eunuch Li who was rushing over at first glance. She could not help but send Gu Ruoyun a complacent look before turning to speak to Eunuch Li.

    "Eunuch Li, what did His Imperial Majesty say?"

    "This..." Eunuch Li cleared his throat before he continued to speak, "His Imperial Majesty has declared that Lady Gu's test was effective. Congratulations, Lady Gu, you have successfully completed the registration."


    Su Lin's expression changed dramatically as she screeched, "She doesn't even have that level of power. Why had His Imperial Majesty declared that the test was effective? Something must be wrong with that spirit stone and that's how she had managed to turn it into rubble with one blow so easily!"

    Though Su Lin had indeed wanted Gu Ruoyun's registration to be a success, that does not mean that she was willing to watch this woman pass the test through her own power!

    She had planned to humiliate Gu Ruoyun first before stepping out to speak up for her so she would be allowed to join the competition.

    After all, if Gu Ruoun was not allowed to join the competition, Su Lin would have no way of taking her life!

    Who would have thought that this woman had managed to pass the test through her own strength? Nevertheless, she was still adamant that Gu Ruoyun was not powerful enough to succeed in the registration!

    "Eldest Lady Su, this was His Imperial Majesty's decision. If you have any objections, you may bring it up with His Imperial Majesty."

    In the face of Su Lin's accusations, Eunuch Li merely smiled as he explained.

    However, his words were like a heavy slap in Su Lin's face and caused her to feel an agonized pain in her head.


    Su Lin definitely does not have the courage to question the Emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire. Hence, she directed her attack towards Gu Ruoyun as she gritted her teeth and said, "Gu Ruoyun, you've passed the registration this time. I don't know if it is your luck or your sorrow! You could have lived out an ignoble existence in this world but you insist on digging your grave by offending me! This time, I will make you understand the price you have to pay for crossing those you should not have offended!"

    Su Lin then looked at Zuo Shangchen and changed her vicious air. Her eyes immediately filled with a thick sense of warm camaraderie.

    "Brother Chen, I'll make you see who has most right to stand by your side! Only an outstanding woman would be suitable for someone as outstanding as you."
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