Chapter 1458: The Underworlds Left Protector (1)

    Chapter 1458: The Underworld's Left Protector (1)

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    In the Imperial Study, the air was stern as a guard stood respectfully in front of a man in yellow robes and reported the news he had just heard.

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor fell silent before he spoke, "That's impossible, Gu Ruoyun didn't just fall from the sky so why don't you have any news about her? Are you certain that this is all the information that you have? You've not missed out on anything?"

    "Reporting to Your Imperial Majesty, everything I've heard about her comes from the start of her struggle against the Regional King's heiress. Everything else is a blank. Aside from Zuo Shangchen, who had previously sought shelter from the Regional King, no one else knows who she is. It was as if she had fallen from the sky! Besides, Zuo Shangchen's background was also difficult to investigate."

    The Heavenly Moon Emperor furrowed his brows while a peculiar light flashed across his deep-set eyes.

    "No one's life could be a blank, can it be that these two have backgrounds that are far too powerful and another powerful cultivator is blocking all the sources of information? Only someone from the Underworld could do such a thing!" The Heavenly Moon Emperor relaxed his brows at this point and said, "You can leave now. Since someone is preventing you from finding her true background, we have no choice but to give up! Otherwise, if you end up offending the cultivator behind her, destruction might fall upon the Heavenly Moon Empire."

    "At Your Imperial Majesty's command."

    The guard joined his fists before he turned around and withdrew from the study.


    "If the information is correct, the Heavenly Moon Empire is using the Moon Soul Herb as a prize for this competition."

    At this moment, countless figures were paused in midair outside Heavenly Moon Empire.

    The leader of the group was a woman dressed in white robes. Her countenance was fine and elegant while her features were exquisite. There was a chilly air in the space between her brows but when compared with Gu Ruoyun, who was born with a chilly aura, her aloof air seemed to be an act and carried a hint of artificiality.

    "Protector, it's just an insignificant Moon Soul Herb. Why do we have to travel to such a faraway place?"

    A woman dressed in green robes behind her asked, puzzled.

    When she heard this, the white-robed woman who had been addressed as 'Protector' glanced at the green-robed woman indifferently before replying in a cold voice, "The Young Master has been searching for the Moon Soul Herb over these past few days. He wants to use it to save someone. If I can obtain that Moon Soul Herb, I will certainly be able to bring great joy to the Young Master. That alone would be worth the trip."

    Ever since the Young Master had arrived in the Underworld, he sent many subordinates out to find more information about the Moon Soul Herb in secret. Even though the Moon Soul Herb was not very useful to them at their current stage of cultivation, it could restore a man who has been turned into a puppet to his original self. Hence, it was very obvious that someone on the Young Master's side has been refined into a puppet and would need the help of a Moon Soul Herb as a cure!

    "Let's go!"

    The white-robed woman's resolution in snatching the Moon Soul Herb away deepened at the thought of this. She then steadied her emotions before she led the people around her towards the Heavenly Moon Empire's Imperial Palace. They moved so quickly that they resembled shooting stars in the sky...

    Several guards were standing guard outside the Imperial Palace's gates. They noticed the uninvited guests who had shot across the sky and quickly cried out, "Stop, who are you? How dare you trespass into the Imperial Palace!"

    As soon as the guard had spoken, a voice rang out from thin air. A powerful force pushed through their eardrums and shook the air so much that it caused them to lose their hearing temporarily.

    "Tell the Emperor that the Left Protector of the Underworld requests an audience."
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