Chapter 1460: The Underworlds Left Protector (3)

    Chapter 1460: The Underworld's Left Protector (3)

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    In the beginning, the Left Protector could not help but look very disappointed after hearing the Emperor of Heavenly Moon Empire's words. However, when she heard the rest, her eyes sparkled instantly and the cool smile on her lips grew more pronounced.

    "That's not a bad idea. I thank You very much, Your Imperial Majesty. Furthermore, I'd have to trouble You here to let us stay here for a few days. Do You have any objections, Your Imperial Majesty?"

    The Left Protector has absolute confidence that they would be able to obtain the Moon Soul Herb. With the Underworld's power and the chance to owe the Underworld a debt of gratitude, no one would reject their offer!

    More importantly, the Underworld would also not allow that talent to suffer any losses and would give them an even more valuable item in exchange.

    "Left Protector, please rest assured, there's no inconvenience regardless of how many days your Underworld group wishes to stay here. We will now send Our servants to prepare your guest rooms." The Emperor of Heavenly Moon Empire smiled as he replied.

    Even though the Underworld's power extends over the heavens and earth, they still need those few old fellows who have secluded themselves from the world to emerge before the full extent of their powers could be realized.

    Without those old fellows, there was no need for the Heavenly Moon Empire to fear the Underworld.

    Hence, the Emperor would not be so foolish as to go back on his word for the sake of the Underworld. However, who ends up getting the Moon Soul Herb was not something for him to worry about either.

    "By the way." The Heavenly Moon Emperor suddenly seemed to remember something and asked, "Does the Underworld have a genius named Gu Ruoyun?"

    "Gu Ruoyun?"

    The Left Protector shook her head as she replied, "There's no such person in the Underworld."


    The Heavenly Moon Emperor frowned as he fell into deep thought.

    He had assumed that He had been unable to find out any information about Gu Ruoyun was because she was somehow connected to the Underworld! After all, the members of the Underworld have always been very mysterious. Even the new Young Master of the Underworld had also appeared from thin air and no one knows where he had come from.

    However, he never thought that Gu Ruoyun was not a member of the Underworld. Where had she come from and why have the Heavenly Moon Empire's forces been unable to find any useful information about her?

    "Ladies, We shall let you get some rest now." The Heavenly Moon Emperor pulled himself out of his thoughts when he noticed the puzzled look on the Left Protector's face. He then smiled gently as he said, "It is Our honor to have a group from the Underworld to trouble Us here in the Heavenly Moon Empire. We hope that Our guests from the Underworld can serve as judges with Us as well. What do you think?"

    The Left Protector nodded and smiled faintly, "Good! I'd like to see for myself and find out the standard of the geniuses in the Heavenly Moon Empire."


    As the competition was held on the next day the competitors left the Imperial Palace after the registrations have been completed.

    On the next day, the Imperial Palace was filled with cultivators who had arrived to join the competition. There were also several youngsters who had not met the criteria to compete but had come to watch the grand competition held by the Heavenly Moon Empire! Besides, the Heavenly Moon Empire's Imperial Palace has always been a mysterious palace. Only incomparably powerful geniuses were allowed to enter the Imperial Palace.

    Of course, being a spectator in the competition was not the same as being a registered competitor. Anyone who has successfully registered for the competition could step forward. For those who wanted to spectate, they would have to be examined by the Imperial Palace and not everyone would be allowed to enter.

    At this moment, a fervent discussion was running through the crowd in the overcrowded rear courtyard of the Imperial Palace. Most of these discussions centered around the life or death contract which Gu Ruoyun and Su Lin had signed.

    "I believe in your powers."

    Zuo Shangchen turned towards Gu Ruoyun and smiled seductively, "You've never lost."

    While it may seem that Gu Ruoyun had never lost, the truth was that she has never tken a risk without a guarantee!

    As a result, she has never lost a competition!
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