Chapter 1464: The Competition (3)

    Chapter 1464: The Competition (3)

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    The Heavenly Moon Emperor was generally aware of the matter regarding the young nobles gaming the system but he had closed one eye on the matter.

    This was mainly because Li Qing was a nobility of the Heavenly Moon Empire. General Li had also insisted that this was to train his son. He did not care if his son won or lost so naturally, the Emperor would not reject his request.

    The person who had complained about it had spoken in a hushed voice. He thought that no one would be able to hear him but he seemed to have forgotten that everyone in the area was pretty powerful. Their hearing was exceptionally sharp so how could they have not overheard his words?

    "So, there's also underhanded ways of joining the competition."

    Gu Ruoyun came to a sudden realization before she remarked calmly.

    No wonder no one had seemed suspicions when Su Lin had hurled those accusations at her. There really were other methods for registration!

    "Which group are you in, Xiao Yun'er?" Zuo Shangchen curled the corners of his lips as he glanced at the piece of paper in Gu Ruoyun's hand. The smile in his eyes then grew even more pronounced. "It seems that we are quite fated, we're both in the fifth group."

    His voice was neither loud nor soft. Coincidentally, the entire plaza managed to overhear him.

    Hence, the man who had previously complained about being in the same group as Li Qing instantly became angry again. He cried out and his eyes nearly teared up from rage.

    "Having one Li Qing is enough but I've ended up with two more good-for-nothings as well! Oh god, what immoral acts have I committed that you would do this to me?"

    There were seven members in each group but out of these seven, three have turned out to be good-for-nothings!

    How was he going to survive?

    "Tsk tsk, Dong Fang sure is unfortunate. Based on my knowledge, that man who looks like a seductress had also entered through underhanded means. Looks like the Regional King had helped him to register this time. As for this woman named Gu Ruoyun... Su Lin had mentioned that this woman's powers are inferior so she must be inferior! Don't assume that she's powerful just because she managed to shatter the spirit stone! Everyone knows that that spirit stone was already at the brink of collapse. She only needed to touch it very lightly to turn the spirit stone into dust! She had only been lucky."

    "That's right, I really pity Dong Fang to have to drag these three good-for-nothings around. There's no hope for their group now!"


    Gu Ruoyun glanced at the man next to her whose smile was as magnificent as a flower and blinked.

    Zuo Shangchen is a good-for-nothing?

    This fellow's power seems to have increased substantially over the course of time. Besides...

    She also seemed to have sensed something else. Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes as a smiled lifted from the corners of her lips.

    "Zuo Shangchen, I'm really curious about the identity of your Master."

    Zuo Shangchen felt shaken and he did not respond to her question. Instead, he only flashed his magnificent, peerless, peach blossom smile at her.

    "I'm curious too. I'm really curious about the number of trump cards you have."

    He eyed the sleeping little beast nestled in Gu Ruoyun's chest as the smile on his face grew even more pronounced.

    Who would have known that this smile would completely mesmerize the women around him? One even gasped out loud, "Such an outstanding and peerless man. Even if his powers are weak, I'd marry him..."

    "Pfft, you? If I wanted to and he was to marry someone, it would be me! You definitely don't stand a chance."

    Another woman spoke up with disdain as she stared lovingly at Zuo Shangchen, feeling a strong urge to replace Gu Ruoyun with herself.

    Su Lin glared at them when she heard the discussion between the two girls. A thick murderous intent then spilled from her eyes, causing those two girls to stop talking immediately.

    Brother Chen is mine!

    I will kill anyone who tries to snatch him away from me!

    The murderous intent in Su Lin's eyes did not diminish when she thought of this but increased instead. Her eyes filled with a sinister venomous light as she glared at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you've fought with me over Brother Chen. Hence, you must pay the price!"
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