Chapter 1466: Three Good-For-Nothings (2)

    Chapter 1466: Three Good-For-Nothings (2)

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    Dong Fang was extremely angry so, naturally, he would not speak politely.

    "If you had been cast out during the registration, perhaps I would have been lucky enough to receive outstanding group members. Even if I'm not fortunate enough to be put into the same group as Leng Shang, exchanging you with Su Lin would not have been so bad either! You have no power at all, why do you insist on weighing us down? If we lose this elimination, it will all be your fault!"

    A fierce light flashed in Zuo Shangchen's eyes yet his face maintained his usual magnificent smile. Just as he was about to speak up, Li Qing's disdainful voice chimed in.

    "What? You have no guts to touch me so you want to cause trouble for others? So what if the few of us aren't powerful enough? At least we've managed to pass the registration! Besides, you say that she's pretty lucky so why aren't you as fortunate? The spirit stone had not shattered despite being touched by so many others so why had the spirit stone only turned to dust when she touched it?"

    Li Qing smiled apologetically at Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen before he turned towards Dong Fang and scolded him sharply.

    Even though Li Qing also believes that the spirit stone's destruction had been due to Gu Ruoyun's good luck, that does not mean that he was willing to give in in front of Dong Fang. Besides, Dong Fang had turned on the two simply because he did not have the courage to pick a fight with Li Qing.

    Hence, it was entirely because of him that Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen had now been dragged into the middle of Dong Fang's quarrel.

    He does not want to drag others down because of his circumstances.

    Gu Ruoyun looked at Li Qing but stayed quiet while her chilly eyes were unreadable.

    "Alright, all of you should shut up."

    The only woman among the group frowned and exclaimed, "It's come to this now so what's the point of arguing? The key is to work as a team. Perhaps we might even get through this test successfully."

    As she was speaking, the woman's eyes had shot towards Zuo Shangchen from time to time. Anyone with clear vision would have been able to figure out that this woman has indeed taken a liking to this seductive man.

    "Lu Yun, don't think that we don't know you've fallen for this man! That's why you're speaking up for him!" said Dong Fang as he eyed Zuo Shangchen jealously. His words were acerbic as he continued, "However, I'll let them off for now for your sake. I'll make you see who is truly the brave one after this. A man like him is not good for anything else aside from his looks!"

    As they traveled, the group members have pretty much come to the realization that Dong Fang was interested in Lu Yun after getting to know each other. Unfortunately, Lu Yun only has eyes for Zuo Shangchen and had stolen quite a few glances at him along the way.

    "Lu Yun is right."

    A man in grey robes who had previously kept silent slowly exclaimed, "Dong Fang, this is not the time to be calculative, our group is already weak in the first place. If you keep trying to pick a fight, we really don't have any chances of winning! If we do run into any powerful spiritual beasts after this, Kang Shaojie and I will protect everyone. Kang Shaojie and I are the only ones who have reached the mid-stage of the exceptional state out of everyone in this group."

    The man named Kang Shaojie was clearly the man in loose and comfortable robes who had advised Li Qing from the beginning.

    "Something's here!"

    Suddenly, Lu Yun's ear twitched. She then stared vigilantly at the underbrush up ahead. "Something's moving and it's not just one spiritual beast!"

    "We're finished!"

    Dong Fang sensed the peculiarity as well and his expression changed drastically while his eyes filled with despair.

    He never thought that they would run into a large number of spiritual beasts upon their arrival in the Evil Spirit Forest. Could this be the end of their time in the trial? With these three useless deadweights, they had no chance of winning at all!
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