Chapter 1467: Mengmeng Rages (1)

    Chapter 1467: Mengmeng Rages (1)

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    An angry roar reverberated through the sky before a large figure leaped out in front of the crowd. It emanated a powerful aura and shock showed on every face in the crowd.

    However, that was not all. Just as the large spiritual beast had charged out, numerous powerful spiritual beasts leaped out as well soon after and threw themselves onto the group of people immediately.

    "Damn it!" Dong Fang's face turned ashen and he cursed angrily, "It's a Storm Panther at the late stage of the exceptional state! Every other spiritual beast is also ranked above the exceptional state. It looks like we're going to lose for sure this time! Mu Ying, get ready to send the distress call, the cultivators of Heavenly Moon Empire will rush over and save us!"

    As there were too many participants in the contest, it was impossible for the Heavenly Moon Empire's cultivators to tail each group. Hence, the Heavenly Moon Empire had distributed a signal flare to each group before they were allowed into the Evil Spirit Forest. If they were in any danger, they could release the signal flare and the Empire's cultivators will rush to their aid.

    However, sending a distress call also means that they forfeit the contest!

    Hence, upon hearing Dong Fang's words, the gray-robed man named Mu Ying fell into a deep silence before he slowly replied, "Let's not rush to cry for help. Aside from the spiritual beast at the late stage of the exceptional state, the rest are all at the early stage of the exceptional state so it's not like we don't have a fighting chance. Kang Shaojie and I will fight the Storm Panther which is in the late stage of the exceptional state. Lu Yun and you can hold off the remaining early-stage exceptional state spiritual beasts. Once we defeat the late-stage exceptional state spiritual beast, we will help you with the rest. Furthermore, protect Li Qing and the rest. If they fall into any danger, our efforts will go to waste."

    Dong Fang gritted his teeth and he was filled with even more loathing towards Gu Ruoyun and the others.

    If it were not for these three good-for-nothings, they would not have needed to take such measures!

    However, what was the use in being angry? He has to ensure their safety for the sake of the group's victory!

    "Alright, I'll listen to you. You two can rest assured and battle the late-stage exceptional state Storm Panther. Leave the rest to us!"


    As soon as Dong Fang had spoken, Mu Ying and Kang Shaojie immediately unsheathed their swords. They then charged towards the Storm Panther and surrounded it in the blink of an eye.


    The Storm Panther was instantly enraged when it saw that the two humans, who were merely at the mid-stage of the exceptional state, had dared to stand in its way. It viciously slashed its claws towards Kang Shaojie.

    Kang Shaojie quickly raised his sword to block it. A loud clang sounded when the Storm Panther's claws met his sword. At that moment, Kang Shaojie felt the Storm Panther's ferocious energy coursing through his sword and onto his body. He then stumbled backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "Kang Shaojie, Mu Ying, will you two be alright?" Lu Yun was feeling a little bit anxious but, unfortunately, she was only at the early stage of the exceptional state. It was already quite a challenge for her to fight against the spiritual beasts before her, much less to lend the two a hand!

    She could only watch anxiously as the two men were locked in the battle against the Storm Panther.

    "Even if we can't do it, we must!" Mu Ying steadied his gaze. "Lu Yun, both you and Dong Fang take care of Li Qing and the others. Don't lose your focus, you don't have to worry about us over here! Even if we are unfortunate enough to lose in the end, we won't ever admit defeat without a fight! As a cultivator, I've made peace with dying a long time ago. Only an audacious heart will allow us to grow."

    He would never admit defeat before anything could even start! If he does not try, how would he know what his limits were?
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