Chapter 1468: Mengmeng Rages (2)

    Chapter 1468: Mengmeng Rages (2)

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    Besides, he was not alone!

    His friends wer with him!

    Gu Ruoyun made no move as she watched the battle before her without a word.

    Suddenly, an incoherent squawking sounded from her bosom.

    She gently raised her brow and turned towards the little fellow who was nestled in her arms and asked, "Mengmeng, are you awake?"

    Ever since she had taken this little fellow away from the Secret Order, it has always stayed in her bosom. It would not leave even to sleep so there was no way of making it stay in the Ancient Divine Pagoda along with the other spiritual beasts.

    Besides, this fellow had not eaten or drunk anything since they left. Aside from sleeping every day... It really only sleeps all the time. As a result, Gu Ruoyun has nearly forgotten about its existence.

    "Squeak, squawk, grr, growl."

    The little fellow pointed at the spiritual beasts who were in the midst of the fight as he chattered. No one could understand what it was saying but based on the furious expression on his face, it was obvious that he was angry that those spiritual beasts had disturbed its sleep!

    "Xiao Yun'er, where did you pick this spiritual beast up from?" Zuo Shangchen's eyes filled with a grin as he began to analyze it.

    "From the Secret Order."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a while before she decided to reply truthfully, "It's the Secret Order's Sacred Beast. It had latched onto me as I left the Secret Order. I couldn't shake it off so I had brought it along."

    The Secret Order's Sacred Beast?

    Emotion rippled in Zuo Shangchen's eyes. After a long pause, he flashed an evil smile.

    "The great Sacred Beast from the Secret Order certainly lives up to its reputation."

    Zuo Shangchen shot a look at the little fellow's claws which were pressed onto Gu Ruoyun's chest. The smile on the corners of his lips deepened even further, "However, he's a little bit perverted."

    In the past, the little fellow would certainly have flown into a terrible rage after being accused of being a pervert.

    How could a pure little beast like him be called a 'pervert'? That was simply an insult!

    Now, however, the little fellow thinks that the person who was humiliating him was far less hateful than those who had disturbed his sleep!

    The little fellow then flipped out and its entire being looked like an exploded little white cat as it charged out from Gu Ruoyun's bosom with a whoosh.


    Dong Fang was exhausted from coping with the spiritual beasts' attacks. His body was riddled with wounds but, even so, he could not stop feeling worried as he glanced at Mu Ying and Kang Shaojie with anxious eyes.

    Suddenly, a white-colored figure descended from the sky and landed in front of Mu Ying with a crash.

    One shaggy little paw was pointed at the Storm Panther which was roaring with rage. The little figure squeaked and squawked incoherently while his large eyes glared angrily and fearlessly at the Storm Panther who was many times his size.

    "Gu Ruoyun, what's your little pet doing? Does it no longer want to live? Summon it back to you, quickly!" Dong Fang was momentarily dazed before he cried out in concern.

    Though he may feel as if Gu Ruoyun had dragged him down and he would continue to complain about that, that does not mean that he was vicious enough to watch them all die! However, this little fellow was clearly digging his own grave by rushing forward! One slap from the Storm Panther would be enough to kill it!

    "Squeak, squawk!"

    The little fellow became even more enraged when it noticed that the Storm Panther had not moved even after seeing him. His originally adorable little face suddenly turned rather ferocious before he opened his mouth wide until he looks almost split into two. The area within its little mouth was pitch black, like a dark cave.


    Before the Storm Panther could react, the little fellow had swallowed it in one bite. He even let out a satisfied burp in the end as he rubbed his round belly and walked back towards Gu Ruoyun contentedly...
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