Chapter 1469: Mengmeng Rages (3)

    Chapter 1469: Mengmeng Rages (3)

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    The entire forest fell silent.

    It was so quiet that one could hear the breeze brushing through the leaves clearly.

    The previously anxious-looking Dong Fang choked. His voice had clogged up in his throat and he was unable to speak. He looked so shocked that it was as if he had just seen an ant eating an elephant, it was a bizarre expression.

    Everyone was shocked as well. The scene before them has gone beyond all rational sense.

    This little beast was about the size of a hand but it had managed to enlarge its mouth by several hundred times and swallowed the Storm Panther whole!


    Forget about the members in the small group of seven, even Zuo Shangchen was staring at Gu Ruoyun in shock. The peculiar look in his eyes deepened.

    "You... Had you joined the competition because you had this spiritual beast?"

    Dong Fang finally returned to his senses and his expression no longer held his previously disdainful air. After all, even though Gu Ruoyun was a weakling, she has such a powerful spiritual beast as a trump card. With the power of this spiritual beast, not even Leng Shang could be her rival.

    Gu Ruoyun did not reply Dong Fang's query as she looked at the little beast who was waddling towards her with jolting buttocks. She then bent down and gathered it into her arms before her long, slender fingers gently stroked the little beast's soft, white fur. She asked calmly, "Are you full? If you're full, we should keep going."

    This little fellow had never consumed human food and had been using pills as light refreshment along the way. However, Gu Ruoyun never thought that this little fellow would have swallowed an entire spiritual beast!


    The little fellow burped and curled into Gu Ruoyun's lapel until only his soft and cute little head poked out from her collar. It was an absolutely adorable sight.

    "Such a perverted spiritual beast, this is the first that time I've ever seen anything like it." Zuo Shangchen raised the corners of his lips as his peach blossom eyes swept across the little ball of cuteness curled within Gu Ruoyun's robe. "If my guess is right, this spiritual beast must be a male."

    Gu Ruoyun's brow twitched when she saw the teasing smile on the evildoer's face. Her eyes then fell upon the stupefied Li Qing.

    "Thank you, for what you did just now."

    She was thanking Li Qing for speaking up for her when she was suffering from Dong Fang's insults.

    Even though she had paid no attention to Dong Fang's words, that does not mean that she would overlook someone's help.

    "This." Li Qing shook his head in embarrassment, "I had thought that you were just like me and you had not joined this competition through your own power. I never thought that you would have such a powerful trump card hidden away. With this spiritual beast around, I'm confident that we would not face any more difficulties in the elimination contest. Unlike some people, who had wanted to give up before the elimination contest has even started. Now? Time to slap your own face, right?"

    As Li Qing spoke, he had glanced at Dong Fang and continued in a provocative manner.

    Dong Fang's face turned red. He glared at Li Qing but did not dare to offend him so he looked at Gu Ruoyun once again.

    This time though, he did not try to oppose her.

    "I apologize for what I had said to you back then." Dong Fang bit his lips, "I'm sorry and I've underestimated you. Your powers are far beyond my estimation so I apologize to you."

    If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. A real man in the wrong should boldly admit to it! If I don't even have the courage to admit my mistakes, what right do I have to socialize in the Heavenly Moon Empire?

    "Isn't it time for us to go?" Gu Ruoyun glanced at Dong Fang as she calmly spoke, "The Storm Panther is dead and the other spiritual beasts are too terrified to attack."

    Gu Ruoyun does not have a bad impression of Dong Fang.

    This fellow just likes shooting his mouth before he thinks. He's not a bad person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so worried previously when he wasn't aware of the little fellow's power.

    Because of this, Gu Ruoyun does not plan on being calculative with him.
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