Chapter 1470: Meeting A Wayward Dog (1)

    Chapter 1470: Meeting A Wayward Dog (1)

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    The Evil Spirit Forest was littered with thistles and thorns and the small group of seven have been cutting through obstacles as they journeyed ahead.

    A young woman who was dressed in green robes was walking at the front of the group. Her features were pretty and delicate while her black eyes held a faint, chilly light. She carried a spiritual beast around the size of a palm in her bosom. At this moment, this spiritual beast was blinking its limpid eyes and staring at the woman's chest, appearing like a harmless animal.

    Unfortunately, this appearance was a stark contrast to its perverted gaze.

    A man dressed in peach pink robes was next to the green-robed woman. He gently raised the corners of his lips as his eyes filled with an unclear and significant smile.

    Everyone else was following closely behind the two humans and spiritual beast as if they do not dare to overtake them. The disdain in their eyes was now replaced with admiration, which was also intertwined with a sense of envy.

    They felt envious because, during these past few days in the Evil Spirit Forest, Mengmeng had not eaten anything else aside from the Storm Panther he had consumed on the first day! Lu Yun had been afraid that this little fellow would grow hungry again so she had prepared a spiritual beast as a contribution. In order to ensure that the spiritual beast was tastier, she had even cooked it in a special way.

    Who would have thought that this little fellow would pay no attention at all to the food!

    That was right, even though Mengmeng could devour spiritual beasts, that does not mean that he would consume spiritual beasts as food. If the Storm Panther had not enraged him, he would not have devoured the former!

    Hence, the dejected Lu Yun could only distribute the spiritual beast to the rest of her group members.

    However, just as everyone was eating, the little fellow intervened!

    Why do you all have food to eat yet I can only watch?

    Hence, the annoyed little fellow coiled himself around Gu Ruoyun and begged for pills. He rolled around and acted cutely before Gu Ruoyun exasperatedly produced a bottle of pills for it.

    Even though pills were not considered as unique in the Dark Earth Realm compared to the mainland, due to their mythical existence, they were still valuable and hard to come by. Hence, when the group noticed Gu Ruoyun feeding the little fellow with pills, this happened...

    "Gu Ruo..." Dong Fang was about to address Gu Ruoyun by her full name when he swallowed the last syllable in the end. "Lady Gu, are you feeding this spiritual beast pills?"

    Dong Fang was a genius from the Dark Earth Realm so, naturally, he was more experienced than someone from the First City. He had immediately recognized those things as pills when Gu Ruoyun had taken them out.

    Gu Ruoyun turned around to look at Dong Fang before nodding in the end, "This little guy is quite picky about his food."

    What she said indirectly answered Dong Fang's question.

    Instantly, a sense of disbelief appeared in everyone's eye. Even the way they looked at Gu Ruoyun was not the same anymore.

    Pills! Those really are pills!

    Even though they have all seen pills before, most cultivators who have obtained a pill would treat it as a treasured possession! However, this woman was using those pills to feed a spiritual beast!

    Instantly, the group gasped internally. Some even wanted to be transformed into the spiritual beast in her bosom. This way, they would be able to enjoy such a high-quality meal.

    Dong Fang's expression was a little complicated. He never thought that the person he had once viewed with condescension would have such powerful abilities! For someone to be able to carry so many pills on them, it was obvious that she was a Pill Master!
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