Chapter 1471: Meeting A Wayward Dog (2)

    Chapter 1471: Meeting A Wayward Dog (2)

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    Lu Yun looked at Gu Ruoyun, who was standing next to Zuo Shangchen, then at herself. The small smidge of superiority in her heart disappeared.

    In contrast with this woman, she has nothing to be proud of!

    Just like that, Lu Yun's budding feelings towards Zuo Shangchen came to a premature end. However, she did not feel sad over this matter. Instead, she was rather excited! In contrast to this seductive man, meeting a Pill Master was far more exciting!

    Kang Shaojie and Mu Ying did not say much but there was an obvious sense of excitement in their eyes.

    She was a Pill Master and she was a Pill Master who could use pills as food!

    This time, they have been fortunate enough to be able to join the Heavenly Moon Empire's grand competition. Even if they could not pass the test, they did not feel that they had lost out at all!

    "Li Qing," Dong Fang nudged Li Qing with his elbow as his face filled with smiles, "Lady Gu seems to have a pretty good impression of you, maybe you can put in a good word for us after this. I'm not asking for much either. Even to lick the food that she's using to feed the spiritual beast would be enough for me."

    Lu Yun and the rest nodded when they heard what Dong Fang had said. Based on their family background, they do not have the right to have a Pill Master. Therefore, even if they could lick Mengmeng's food, they would not have any more regrets in this lifetime.

    The others in their group could understand why Dong Fang had said these things and he had even received support from them. However, if what he had said were to fall into the ear of anyone else, it would be an entirely different matter.


    Someone suddenly laughed in a disdainful and cold manner. "Dong Fang, I never thought that the Dong family would be pushed to such an impoverished state! Are you so hungry that you'd even want to eat a spiritual beast's food? Tsk, tsk, I'm rather taken aback! If you've really reached such a frustrating and destitute circumstance, kneel and call me your grandfather. Perhaps I might be kind enough to give you a few gold pieces."

    The maniacal laughter from far away made Dong Fang frown before he lifted his head and turned around. When he noticed the group walking towards them, his expression sank.

    "Do you know each other?" Lu Yun raised her willowy brows. "Are you acquaintances?"

    Dong Fang replied dully, "This fellow is Duan Yi. The Duan family have always been the rivals of the Dong family. I never thought that he would register for the competition this time and that we would bump into each other here."

    His voice grew exceptionably cold at the mention of this. He then looked at the approaching group and said, "Duan Yi, this is the elimination round so don't take advantage! I don't wish to be calculative with you here. Go away immediately!"

    "Oh, the rabbit dares to bite a human now? You don't even have the courage to fart in front of me last time and now you dare to ask me to leave?" Duan Yi laughed icily as he swept his gaze towards Li Qing. "Looks like you have the General's son as your support, is that why you've become so bold?"


    Dong Fang was trembling with anger. If he had not taken the Dong family's wellbeing into consideration, he would not have tolerated this fellow for so long.

    However, he never thought that this fellow would insult him in front of the woman he loves!

    Dong Fang glanced at Lu Yun at the thought of this but forced down his rage in the end.

    After all, it was the elimination stage of the contest and if he were to attack now, he might end up troubling everyone else in the group!

    Of course, Dong Fang had subconsciously excluded Gu Ruoyun from his group of supporters!

    He had offended Gu Ruoyun before and it was a good thing that Gu Ruoyun had not made him pay for it. Therefore, he does not expect her to stand up for him.

    She was not going to act and the seductive man by her side certainly would not either!

    It would be the five of them versus seven from the opposing party!
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