Chapter 1472: Meeting A Wayward Dog (3)

    Chapter 1472: Meeting A Wayward Dog (3)

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    "Dong Fang, your fortune is incomparably horrible. Out of everyone who had registered for the competition, your group was the one which had gotten stuck with the three weakest contestants. Hence, perhaps you won't even be able to pass the elimination round this time!"

    Duan Yi laughed disdainfully as he swept his disdainful gaze across Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen. The ridicule in his eyes then deepened.

    "What kind of help can these good-for-nothings provide anyway? It's already good enough if they don't stand in your way!"

    "Shut your mouth!"

    Dong Fang, who had originally intended to show restraint, instantly exploded as he glared angrily at the other party!

    It was fine if this fellow had insisted on humiliating him but he had dared to humiliate his idol! How could Dong Fang hold himself back any longer?

    It was obvious that Dong Fang had forgotten that before he had witnessed Gu Ruoyun's abilities, he also treated her has a good-for-nothing just like Duan Yi!

    "Duan Yi, I've been very patient with you for a very long time now! Don't think that I'm actually scared of you! I would not have tolerated a b*stard like you if it weren't for the sake of the Dong family's wellbeing! You're at the early stage of the exceptional state just like me. Even if we do fight, there's no telling which of us will win!"


    Hearing this, Duan Yi burst into laughter again. "Dong Fang, I may be at the early stage of the exceptional state just like you but I have a group of cultivators at the mid-stage of the exceptional state behind me! I've already bribed these people with money and they will listen to my orders throughout this journey! The Duan family may not have much else but we do have a lot of money. This is something that you cannot even envy."

    The disdain on his face increased while his voice was filled with mockery.

    "Oh, right, I nearly forgot. The Dong family isn't just penniless, you're so poor that even the Young Master of the Dong family wants to eat a spiritual beast's food! Haha, if you were to become the Duan family's slave, I can guarantee that you won't have to go hungry."

    What does a spiritual beast eat? Must be a bunch of weeds!

    Is this fellow, Dong Fang, so poor that he'd have to eat grass? What's the difference between him and an animal then?

    "Duan Yi!" Dong Fang gritted his teeth in anger and clenched his fist.

    Duan Yi laughed icily. "Don't address me so affectionately. If you want to live with your team, kneel and kowtow before me. Perhaps I might even spare you! I might award you with a few gold pieces to buy food at the same time."

    These words punched through the air and Dong Fang returned to his senses.

    The most powerful one out of the seven of them was the little cutie-pie in Gu Ruoyun's bosom. However, knowing Gu Ruoyun's chilly demeanor, she would never help him! Kang Shaojie and Mu Ying were the only two cultivators in the mid-stage of the exceptional state. How could they be compared with the group before them?

    "Kneel!" Duan Yi ordered once again and spoke in a ferocious manner, "Otherwise, you and your beloved woman will never be able to walk out of the Evil Spirit Forest! This woman is also quite nice to look at. I can enjoy her for a bit before sending her off to keep you company in death!"

    It was obvious that Duan Yi could see the special feeling Dong Fang has for Lu Yun. Hence, he was using Lu Yun's life to threaten him!

    There were no rules against personal battles between competitors during the elimination round so Duan Yi could behave boldly! As long as he does not offend Li Qing who has a powerful backing, he could casually kill the others!

    "Duan Yi, the Young Master of the General's Mansion is present yet you dare to act with such impudence!" Lu Yun was shamed into anger and scolded angrily.

    "Hehe," Duan Yi sneered and replied with disdain, "Sir Li Qing has noble blood so, naturally, I won't touch him. Not only will I not lay a finger on him, I would even escort him safely out of the Evil Spirit Forest! Coming with us would certainly be a stronger choice than following you. Besides, I know that Dong Fang had previously ridiculed Sir Li Qing. Do you think that Li Qing will help you all after that?"

    Duan Yi then looked at Li Qing. His voice filled with reverence but his eyes remained condescending.

    "Am I right, Sir Li Qing?"
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