Chapter 1473: Meeting A Wayward Dog (4)

    Chapter 1473: Meeting A Wayward Dog (4)

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    Li Qing frowned but did not reply.

    In comparison, he felt even worst about Duan Yi.

    However, his silence solidified the thoughts in Duan Yi's heart. He then smiled icily at Dong Fang and curled his lips disdainfully, "Dong Fang, I've said it before, Sir Li Qing won't help you either! Kneel immediately! Otherwise, I won't spare a single person in your group!"

    Duan Yi's words fell like a pail of icy water onto Dong Fang's head and made his heart feel incomparably chilly.

    He looked at Lu Yun who was standing next to him and bit his lip before saying, "Lu Yun, I'm sorry to have caused trouble for you. I never thought that Duan Yi would do such a thing in the elimination round either. He's right, aside from him, everyone in his group are all at the mid-stage of the exceptional state. Our powers are clearly more inferior. If this were any other day, I might be able to defeat him but now..."

    Duan Yi laughed complacently when he saw the agonized look on Dong Fang's face.

    "Dong Fang, a wise man submits to circumstances! If you kneel, I will spare everyone in your group, alright?"

    Duan Yi curled his lips into a cruel smile. He then laughed again as if he could already see Dong Fang kneeling and kowtowing before him.

    "Dong Fang!"

    Lu Yun gripped Dong Fang's shoulder tightly as the space between her brows filled with anxiety, "Don't listen to him, we might stand a chance if we all join forces!"

    "Dong Fang, Lu Yun is right. A man's pride is worth more than gold so stay strong."

    Kang Shaojie frowned, "No matter what, we're in the same team so we must face any adversity together! Come on, Mu Ying and I are at the mid-stage of the exceptional state, we still have a chance against them."

    "Mm." Mu Ying hummed as he nodded and agreed with Kang Shaojie's words. "We may have been strangers who did not know each other not too long ago but since we're here at the Evil Spirit Forest together, we must stay united! Otherwise, how will we pass this elimination round?"

    A bitter smile formed on the corners of Dong Fang's mouth as he saw the determination on his teammates' faces.

    "I'm sorry, I've dragged everyone down. Mu Ying, you and Kang Shaojie may be powerful but the opposition isn't weak either! I don't want to be the cause behind our failure in this competition! Besides..."

    He turned towards Lu Yun with an apologetic gaze filled with determination.

    "Lu Yun, I will protect you!"

    The determination in the young man's voice was full of such spirit that Lu Yun's heart leaped. She bit her lips and reached out her hand to stop Dong Fang. Unfortunately, the latter avoided her grasp very easily and walked towards Duan Yi.

    "What? Have you made your decision?" Duan Yi burst into laughter and exclaimed disdainfully, "Don't worry, if you kneel before me, I won't cause trouble for your group at all! Besides, you won't need to eat the morsels from a spiritual beast's meal anymore!"

    Unfortunately, Duan Yi was unaware of what kind of food Gu Ruoyun was feeding this spiritual beast. He would not have shown this kind of a behavior if he knew. Instead, he might even have become crazier than Dong Fang!

    "Duan Yi!" Dong Fang stood in front of Duan Yi as he coldly remarked, "One day, I will pay you back for the humiliation you've caused me today!"

    If it had not been for Lu Yun and the members of his team, he would never have accepted this kind of humiliation even if he had to die!
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