Chapter 1474: Meeting A Wayward Dog (5)

    Chapter 1474: Meeting A Wayward Dog (5)

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    "Hehe, I'm afraid you don't have that ability!"

    Duan Yi laughed icily and stared down at the young man before him in a domineering manner. "Kneel!" he shouted fiercely.

    Dong Fang shook. If he really does kneel, he would lose the right to pursue Lu Yun in the future.

    An outstanding woman like Lu Yun would never accept such a weak man!

    However, does he have any other choice?

    If he does not listen to what Duan Yi says, the group behind him would never spare him! The rest of his teammates would become tangled in this as well!

    Dong Fang took a deep breath before he slowly closed his eyes and bent his knee.


    Duan Yi's laugh became even more maniacal as if he had waited a long time for this day!

    "Dong Fang, looks like a little b*stard like you would meet a day like this too. I will announce this matter to the Dong family so they will know how much of a coward you are!"

    He looked at Dong Fang once again but noticed that the kid had only bent his knees and did not kneel.

    "Dong Fang! What are you doing? Kneel!" Duan Yi frowned with impatience as his voice became even colder.

    At this moment, Dong Fang's entire face was full of shock and his eyes were filled with panic.

    He does not know what was happening either. He could only feel a force which was pulling his body back, preventing him from kneeling all the way down! That power was so strong that he could not fight back at all!

    Just as Dong Fang was thinking that something was wrong with his body, a cold voice slowly rang out like a cool breeze that made his head feel bright and clear.

    "Where has your courage gone? Where has the brazenness you had towards Li Qing and me run off to? If you want to remain forever stagnant in your cultivation journey, go ahead and kneel."

    When the woman's chilly voice had spoken, the force which had been holding him back suddenly disappeared. His body suddenly relaxed and he stumbled backward and nearly fell onto the ground.

    In contrast with the relaxed feeling in his body, Dong Fang was even more shocked by the fact that this chilly and somber woman was actually standing up for him!

    "You..." Dong Fang turned around stiffly and stared at Gu Ruoyun with disbelief, "Why did you..."

    Why did you help me?

    This was what he wanted to say.

    If they had Gu Ruoyun's help, their group would not need to fear Duan Yi and the rest.

    "You were worried for Mengmeng's wellbeing back then."

    When Mengmeng had swiftly charged towards the Storm Panther, Dong Fang's anxiety had not been an act.

    If he had expressed concern for Gu Ruoyun's safety, it could have been easily misunderstood. After all, they would not be able to pass the elimination round if Gu Ruoyun were to die here. However, Mengmeng was only a spiritual beast and would have no effect on the elimination round at all.

    Through this, Gu Ruoyun had managed to decipher whether this fellow was good or bad.

    Otherwise, Dong Fang would have suffered humiliation here. She would never have stepped out to say a single word!

    "Lady Gu, I..."

    Dong Fang looked extremely ashamed, "I had treated you badly in the past yet you've stepped out to defend me. I'm truly ashamed!"

    Now, Dong Fang could see that this woman was not as bleak as she had seemed. She would feel sincerely grateful when someone stands up for her without any ulterior motives but if someone had offended her and refused to repent, she would gladly watch them die by the roadside and leave their corpse to rot!
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