Chapter 1476: You Wont Die If You Dont Invite Death (1)

    Chapter 1476: You Won't Die If You Don't Invite Death (1)

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    "Oh, this little fellow's rage really is great, it looks just like a little cat. But what are you, you weak little thing, going to do to me?"

    Duan Yi glanced at the furious little fellow as he laughed with even more impudence than ever.

    In his mind, what was a defenseless spiritual beast even doing here? He could turn that small and weak body into a meat patty with one slap! There was nothing to fear!

    However, the laughing Duan Yi soon realized that something was not right.

    He saw Dong Fang and the others backing away knowingly while looking at him as if they were taking joy in his calamity. Even the silent Li Qing was doing the same. It was as if Duan Yi had offended someone which he should not have offended!

    If Dong Fang was the only one who had shown such an expression, it would be easy to think that he was trying to scare Duan Yi on purpose. However, Duan Yi was somewhat dumbfounded when even the noble Li Qing also did the same thing.

    What's the meaning of this?

    This guy is only a defenseless little beast. Why are these people staring at me as if they're staring at a dead man?

    That was right!

    Duan Yi sensed as if these people were looking at him as if he was already dead!

    "Duan Yi, you and I have always been strangers to each other and we have no disputes at all. Moreover, I didn't want to involve myself in the grudge between you and Dong Fang." Li Qing laughed icily as he said, "But now I'm going to give you this - you won't die if you don't invite death! There are some people, forget about you, that even my father cannot offend! Besides, even though I don't like Dong Fang, all of us agree with something he had said - even if you sold the entire Duan family fortune, you would still not be able to afford this little fellow's food!"


    Those words struck like a sudden bolt of lightning, causing Duan Yi to stagger and back away.

    His face has turned incomparably pale while a thudding noise resounded in his head. He almost could not recover from what Li Qing had just said.

    What does Li Qing mean when he said that there were some people that even General Li could not offend?

    Also, Sir Li said that even if I were to sell the entire Duan family fortune, I would still not be able to afford this little spiritual beast's food!

    Could it be that its food is made from gold? Yet, even if the food was made from gold, based on the Dong family's fortune, it's likely that we would still be able to afford it!

    As Li Qing's words rang through Duan Yi's head, someone cried out and caused him to abruptly pull his thoughts back.

    "Sir Duan, watch out!"


    A cold and gloomy wind blew directly at his face. When Duan Yi turned around in astonishment, he instantly saw something which he would never forget for the rest of his life...

    He saw that the once harmless-looking little spiritual beast had suddenly turned ferocious. Its pitch-black mouth was like a dark cave as it widened bit-by-bit. In the end, its mouth had widened so much that it was bigger than its body yet it still continued to grow!

    That gloomy wind had come from the little fellow's mouth.

    "Duan Yi, I've told you before that Lady Gu's spiritual beast has a bad temper yet you had insisted on offending it. Now, isn't this great? It's too late to even beg now." Dong Fang smiled, taking pleasure in Duan Yi's disaster. The space between his brow was filled with complacency and arrogance. "Oh, that's right, since you're about to die, I can tell you that this little fellow's food was actually a pill! Do you think that you would be able to afford this little fellow's pills on the Duan family's fortune even if you sold it all?"

    Everyone else was shaking their heads as well. Duan Yi's action has proved one thing.

    You don't die if you don't invite death!

    Even though Gu Ruoyun had stopped Dong Fang from kneeling, that does not mean she was willing to step in and get rid of this issue for Dong Fang! The most she could do was to guarantee that this group would leave the Evil Spirit Forest safe and sound!
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