Chapter 1477: You Wont Die If You Dont Invite Death (2)

    Chapter 1477: You Won't Die If You Don't Invite Death (2)

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    Besides, she could use the easiest method to solve this!

    That method was Li Qing!

    With Li Qing's status in play, Duan Yi would not have the courage to act. Otherwise, the entire Duan family would capsize! Knowing Li Qing's belief in her, he would certainly be willing to stop Duan Yi's actions! Hence, even if Gu Ruoyun does not do anything, she could easily smooth this over!

    As for when they leave the Evil Spirit Forest, that would be Dong Fang and Duan Yi's personal grudge! If Dong Fang does not have the fear of dragging the group down with him, he would not have submitted so easily!

    Hence, there had been no need for Duan Yi to die at first!

    Unfortunately, this fellow had insisted on digging his own grave. Out of everyone, he had chosen to offend this little demon! Also, based on how Lady Gu pampers this spiritual beast, she would never stop it from acting on its own! Hence, Duan Yi only has himself to blame!


    Once Dong Fang had spoken, Duan Yi pupils suddenly shrank. His shrieks rang out throughout the entire forest, echoing in all corners.

    Before he had time for regret, he had been devoured by the little fellow with the big mouth. He then disappeared entirely from this forest...


    Duan Yi does not seem to taste very good. The little fellow could not help but run to the side and throw up. He had a look of disgust on its face as if he had just eaten feces.


    Dong Fang was shocked and looked at Lu Yun and the others before his expression changed to one of exasperation.

    "This little one is truly two-faced!"

    It had devoured the person but was then repulsed by the taste and ended up vomiting. If that fellow, Duan Yi, had been alive to see this, he would probably be angered to death!

    "Mengmeng." Gu Ruoyun saw the disgusted look on the little one's small face and frowned, "Next time, don't just eat anything in case you end up with indigestion."

    Mengmeng leaped into Gu Ruoyun's arms with a whoosh and reached its paw out to her as it squeaked incoherently.

    Gu Ruoyun sighed in exasperation before she took out a pill and placed it in its paw. "Here. Next time, you'd better not eat anything else anymore aside from pills. What if you end up spoiling your stomach? The gains do not make up for the losses!"


    The little fellow smooched Gu Ruoyun's cheek before it happily swallowed the pill. It then coiled around Gu Ruoyun and demanded another pill.

    At this moment, the other six who had accompanied Duan Yi looked at each other as one word appeared in their mind at the same time.


    They had all immediately turned around and tried to escape but just as they wanted to leave, a cold voice suddenly sounded from behind them.

    "Since you're here now, you don't have to leave."

    The woman's voice was just as somber as ever but it carried a heavy force. As such, the six of them felt as if roots had grown from the bottom of their feet. They were unable to lift their feet at all.

    "What do you want?"

    Out of the six, a man with a mole on his face turned and glared at Gu Ruoyun. He gritted his teeth and said, "Duan Yi is dead and we had only accepted his money to work for him! You better not take advantage!"

    "Since you've accepted his money. you should complete your tasks. Didn't Duan Yi ask you to attack Dong Fang and the rest of us in his group? Since that's the case, it won't look very good if you all just leave like that, right?"

    "You..." The man with the mole's expression changed drastically and his tone softened, "Miss, we are total strangers and we have no grudge between us either. Spare us now and we'll repay your debt of gratitude in the future, alright?"

    "It's true, we have no grudge between us and we are total strangers." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her chin as she smiled in a profound manner, "But you know too much so what can we do?"
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