Chapter 1478: You Wont Die If You Dont Invite Death (3)

    Chapter 1478: You Won't Die If You Don't Invite Death (3)

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    The faces on the group of people changed drastically. They had forgotten about this fact. Why should Gu Ruoyun allow them to escape after witnessing that little fellow's terrifying power?

    "Lady Gu." The man with a mole gritted his teeth and said, "I can guarantee that I will never reveal a single thing about this matter to the public so please spare us this one time! We regret this now and we can't even pass the elimination round. We've already received retribution so why must you exterminate us?"

    "Exterminate?" Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly and said, "If my powers had not been strong enough, what fate would have befallen us today? I'm afraid that we would have all been killed."

    The man with the mole's expression has turned increasingly ugly.

    Gu Ruoyun was right, Duan Yi had no intention of sparing the other group's life! Even if Dong Fang had given in, these people would be killed anyway!

    Yet, what they had not expected was that Gu Ruoyun, who had been sworn as a good-for-nothing by so many geniuses in the Heavenly Moon Empire, would actually have such great power!

    "What do you want? I dare guarantee that we won't divulge anything about you! What can we do to make you believe us?"

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she stared at the man with the mole's face which was nearing the brink of insanity and calmly exclaimed, "In this world, I can only trust one type of person - a dead one!"

    "You..." The man with the mole did not think that she would kill them despite after begging so much. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He does not intend to be weak any longer and cried out brazenly, "Gu Ruoyun, you're behaving like a tyrant only because of that spiritual beast in your hands! Without it, you're nothing. If I want to strangle you to death, it would be as easy as strangling an ant! That's just too funny if you want to kill us here. Don't forget, the Heavenly Moon Empire's cultivators are nearby. I only need to cry out for help and someone will rush over to save us! When we leave, your day of reckoning shall arrive!"

    The man with the mole had thought that after saying these things, Gu Ruoyun would lose her head from fear. However, he was wrong. At this moment, the woman looked just as calm as ever. Her chilly eyes were serene and without any sign of emotion as if the man's words could not threaten her at all.

    "Hmph! You think that I'd actually keep my mouth shut? If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have failed in the elimination round! Once I leave, I will announce the fact that you have a powerful spiritual beast. You will certainly suffer from countless spies and assassination attempts!"

    A person's wealth can cause their own ruin by arousing another's greed!

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun had decided not to spare these people from the very beginning.

    "You've killed Duan Yi so you'll certainly have to pay the price!"

    The man with the mole's eyes turned red as he glared venomously at Gu Ruoyun.

    Duan Yi's death had determined their loss in the elimination round. Hence, these people would push the responsibility onto Gu Ruoyun but they never considered that if it had not been for Duan Yi's provocation and their part in helping the tyrant, why would they be suffering this consequence now?

    Just as the man with the mole was about to shoot the signal flare and call for help, a strong wind slammed onto his chest with a thud. He stumbled backward all of a sudden and fell fiercely onto a nearby old tree. The old tree then collapsed and crushed his body.

    The signal flare flew in an arc through the air before it fell back into the man's hand.

    The man was dressed in peach-pink long robes and looked gorgeous and pristine. His skin was as exquisite as white jade and his peach blossom eyes carried a tempting smile as he looked at the signal flare in his hand. An indolent air was hanging from the corners of his smile.
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