Chapter 1479: You Wont Die If You Dont Invite Death (4)

    Chapter 1479: You Won't Die If You Don't Invite Death (4)

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    "Are you trying to call for help? That depends on whether your signal for aid can be sent out or not."

    Zuo Shangchen curled the corners of his lips and made a slight motion with his palm. The signal flare in his hands was immediately crushed into dust.

    Only one signal flare was provided to each group. If their signal flare was destroyed, it means that they would no longer be able to send a signal for aid to the cultivators of the Heavenly Moon Empire!

    "Xiao Yun'er."

    The crowd watched in shock as Zuo Shangchen turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His peach blossom eyes slanted upwards and his smile was like a flower, "Leave these trivial matters to me to avoid dirtying your hands, alright?"

    He then slowly turned around and looked at the clearly shocked group.

    "Oh." His voice was indolent and full of fascination as he gently stroked his chin, "I'll say, out of all the people you should offend, why had you decided to offend Xiao Yun'er time and time again? So, tell me this, how should I punish you?"

    "Cough, cough!"

    The man with the mole pushed the old tree on his body aside with great difficulty. He then crawled up with great effort after he heard what Zuo Shangchen had just said and spoke with a sinister look in the space between his brows, "Damned kid, you dared to launch a sneak attack on me! I want you..."

    To have a good show!

    He did not manage to say those last words. The peach-pink robed man waved his had and a powerful energy instantly charged towards him. Before he could react, his entire body had been flung out of the way.

    "People with ugly looks are mostly ugly in their hearts as well. I hate it the most when people like these are speaking. Besides, I wasn't being sneaky, I was hitting you in broad daylight!"


    The man with the mole spat out a mouthful of blood. The mole on his face has become increasingly sinister.

    "All of you have such malevolent hearts, you are people who don't know how to repay evil with good. You will certainly endure a painful death!"

    It was clear that the man with the mole's words has thoroughly angered Zuo Shangchen.

    The smile on Zuo Shangchen's face became even more pronounced as his peach blossom eyes gradually filled with a sinister chill. The corners of his lips slowly rose into an angle as he spoke, "Repaying evil with good? Hehe, I have never heard of such a thing nor do I know what it means to repay evil with good! However, I know very well that if you don't die, Xiao Yun'er will have countless troubles in the future. Therefore, I shall have to cause you grief."

    Without any warning, Zuo Shangchen raised his hand and countless daggers instantly emerged from his sleeve. The daggers slashed the throats of the six men and blood spouted like a fountain, staining the fresh green forest red...

    Dong Fang and the others were shocked as they stared dazedly at Zuo Shangchen with disbelief in their eyes.

    They never expected Zuo Shangchen to be so powerful!

    Amongst the two that they had believed to be good-for-nothings, one of them owns a powerful spiritual beast and was a precious Pill Master. The other was able to kill so many cultivators in the mid-stage of the exceptional state! However, they had previously treated the two as badly as someone's stepchildren!

    Based on this, it would be good enough if the rest of the group do not drag the two down! How could these two be dragging the whole group down at all?

    A complicated emotion appeared in Dong Fang's eyes as he spoke, "Lady Gu, Sir Zuo, you have both truly kept to yourselves. The funny thing was, the world is blind and has treated you as good-for-nothings! Besides..."

    He paused and his eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun as he asked with determination, "If my guess is correct, you don't just own a powerful spiritual beast, you are also exceptionally powerful as well!"

    Once he had said his piece, the group looked at each other.

    The powers of the spiritual beast in Gu Ruoyun's arms were already shocking enough and she was even a Pill Master. Now, Dong Fang had said that she also holds great power. Was this even possible? How old was this woman? How could she possibly have such great achievements at such a young age?
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