Chapter 1482: Asking For Trouble Again (3)

    Chapter 1482: Asking For Trouble Again (3)

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    "Only the Moon Soul Herb can save Shengxiao. I won't let him become a puppet!"

    The man's voice was filled with a determination which made Gu Ruoyun's heart sigh with emotion.

    Truly, no one can come close to the feelings Zuo Shangchen has towards her older brother. It was likely that he would willingly abandon everything for the sake of her older brother! If her older brother were to have some feelings for Zuo Shangchen, she would be happy to see it.

    Unfortunately, Zuo Shangchen was fated to have a tragic ending...

    Gu Ruoyun's lips moved ever so slightly at the thought of this. "Evildoer, is it worth it for you to do so much for my big brother?"

    Zuo Shangchen's eyes moved. The smile on his lips carried a sense of bitterness which clashed with his magnificence.

    She knows!

    This fellow has always known about how I feel for Zuo Shangchen!

    However, his feelings would be hard to accept in the end! Even though he could ignore the eyes of the world, he knew very well that Gu Shengxiao would never accept him. Hence, this was why he had never revealed how he felt.

    "Xiao Yun'er, Shengxiao and I are sworn friends for life. He had once saved my life too so even if I was to lose my life for his sake in the future, what's wrong with that? If I can save him, even if it's only one small glimmer of hope, I won't give up!"

    This was his heart's determination!

    At that moment, Gu Ruoyun was rendered speechless.

    The Gu siblings owed him too much in this lifetime.

    Zuo Shangchen did not say anything more. He then leaped and took the Spirit Phoenix Fruit in the palm of his hand. However, Gu Ruoyun found it strange that a precious item like the Spirit Phoenix Fruit would be left unguarded by a spiritual beast. This was not normal!

    Before Gu Ruoyun could think any more, Zuo Shangchen had eaten the Spirit Phoenix Fruit.


    A wave of powerful energy burst within Zuo Shangchen's body, causing the evildoer's forehead to be drenched in cold sweat.

    "Lady Gu."

    Lu Yun and the rest who had rushed over saw this and asked anxiously, "What's wrong with Sir Zuo? Is he alright?"

    At this moment, these people were filled with worry and they were not only worried just because of the test!

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment. "Even though we haven't reached the deep end of Evil Spirit Forest, there are still powerful spiritual beasts around us! I want to ask you to help me keep a lookout and don't let anything get close to Zuo Shangchen or me!"

    Zuo Shangchen was risking so much for her big brother, how could she neglect him?

    Even though the Spirit Phoenix Fruit can help a cultivator in the refined state in their breakthrough, it was also a seal of death if they fail! If she does not do anything, Zuo Shangchen's end would be set - he would explode from being unable to accept the Spirit Phoenix Fruit's power!

    Dong Fang was in a daze and nodded, "Lady Gu, don't worry. I, Dong Fang, won't let any spiritual beasts disturb you even if I have to give everything I have."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Be it human or spiritual beast, they must not come anywhere near Zuo Shangchen or me. Otherwise, Zuo Shangchen's life will be in danger!"

    Once she had said her piece, Gu Ruoyun walked to Zuo Shangchen's side and sat down cross-legged. The space between her brows filled with determination.

    "Mengmeng, I'll need your help this time!"

    Mengmeng nodded as if it only had a hazy notion. It blinked and looked at Gu Ruoyun as if it were puzzled over what it needed to do.

    "The power of the Spirit Phoenix Fruit is too great, that's why he might explode and die. I must help him to discharge a bit of energy! By then, I will need your help!"
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