Chapter 1483: Asking For Trouble Again (4)

    Chapter 1483: Asking For Trouble Again (4)

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    The power contained within a Spirit Phoenix Fruit can only be endured by a cultivator at the ninth transformation state! However, this Spirit Phoenix Fruit was also completely ineffective to a ninth transformation state cultivator! Those who consume a Spirit Phoenix Fruit but have yet to reach the ninth transformation state would typically explode from their inability to accept this power. Only a few lucky ones would be able to break through with the help of the Spirit Phoenix Fruit!

    This was the Spirit Phoenix Fruit's twist!

    Many might think that since the Spirit Phoenix Fruit was so powerful, they could split the Spirit Phoenix Fruit into two and consume half of it! This way, the power would be halved as well! However, the Spirit Phoenix Fruit has another characteristic - if it were damaged in any way, the power within would completely disappear in one second.

    Forget about halving the Spirit Phoenix Fruit with a knife either.

    This was why the Spirit Phoenix Fruit was known as the seal of death to cultivators! Many cultivators who were unable to resist the lure of a breakthrough had lost their lives to their greed.

    Gu Ruoyun did not say anything else as she used her mental energy to enter Zuo Shangchen's body so that she could help to control the explosive energy in his body.

    Not too long after, her face turned very pale and sweat rolled down her forehead but she did not dare to leave.

    If Zixie had been here and with the extent of her contract with Zixie, it would not be as tiring as this. Unfortunately, Zixie was in a deep sleep and the other spiritual beasts were not strong enough so she could only ask to borrow Mengmeng's power to help Zuo Shangchen.

    Mengmeng was crouching on Gu Ruoyun's head with a deadpan look on its face, a drastic change from its previously mischievous nature. It also knew the importance of this matter hence, it did not dare to be willful as it sent its power to Gu Ruoyun without hesitation.

    "Dong Fang, will they be alright?"

    Lu Yun's heart was filled with anxiety. She had never seen the perverted and mischievous Mengmeng like this before and could sense the danger in this matter.


    Dong Fang placed his finger on his lips and made a shushing motion. He knitted his brows tightly together as his heart filled with anxiety. "Don't worry, Lady Gu knows what to do and we only need to complete the task she has given us! Now, keep quiet in case we disturb her."

    Upon careful scrutiny, one would notice the sweat on Dong Fang's forehead. His fist was clenched tightly as he stared unblinkingly at Gu Ruoyun.


    Gu Ruoyun, who was helping Zuo Shangchen, was not aware that a wave of powerful spiritual energy had emanated into their surroundings after he had taken the Spirit Phoenix Fruit. As a result, nearby groups thought that some treasure had emerged and quickly rushed towards them.

    "Gu Ruoyun, we've finally found you!"

    A sharp voice suddenly rang out and pierced through the sky, falling into Dong Fang's ears.

    As the son of the General's Mansion, Li Qing recognized the voice at once. He frowned as he turned around and his eyes landed upon a nobleman who was leading a group of people towards them. "Lin You, what are you doing here?" he asked impatiently.

    Besides, why is Lin You looking for Lady Gu?

    "Lin You?" Dong Fang was shaken. "He's the Prime Minister's son, Lin You?"

    It looks like they would be in trouble again!

    "Li Qing, this matter has nothing to do with the General's Mansion, I'm here for Gu Ruoyun!" Lin You laughed icily and his face was filled with ridicule. "Of all the people Gu Ruoyun had to offend, she had offended Lady Su Lin and dug her own grave in the process! I made my way here because I had sensed the emergence of some sort of treasure but I never expected to be so fortunate and run into her here! Today, I, Lin You, will avenge Lady Su Lin in her stead!"
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