Chapter 1484: Asking For Trouble Again (5)

    Chapter 1484: Asking For Trouble Again (5)

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    When they heard this, it was clear to everyone that Lin You was the Regional King's heiress, Su Lin's loyal fan. Hence, when he had found Gu Ruoyun, he could not help but want to spread Su Lin's wrath!

    However, when Gu Ruoyun's group recalled how powerful she was, they could not help but laugh icily.

    "Lin You, let me give you some advice, you better leave quickly. Otherwise, don't blame me for not advising you." Li Qing laughed coldly.

    His father had never been on good terms with the Prime Minister in the court so, of course, there was no need for him to be too polite with Lin You.

    "Li Qing, you're only a good-for-nothing. Who gave you the audacity to talk to me like this? Others may fear you because of your identity as the son of the General's Mansion, but I, Lin You, have no need to fear you. If you insist on shielding Gu Ruoyun, I'm going to pound you until you'd have to search for your teeth on the ground even if your father arrived!"

    Even though Li Qing has yet to reach the exceptional state, he has broken through to the Martial Saint rank after all. Talent like this could be considered as a genius in a normal organization but, in contrast to these people, he was undoubtedly a good-for-nothing!

    No wonder the Empire Officials' disciples paid him no heed.


    Li Qing's face was ashen and his eyes spat fire. "Lin You, don't be too impudent!"

    "Hehe, Li Qing, I don't wish to be calculative with you on account of the fact that your father is an officer of the court just like mine. The person I'm looking for is Gu Ruoyun, idle bystanders can get out of my way!" Lin You shouted fiercely and coldly stabbed his gaze through the crowd towards Gu Ruoyun.

    However, now that Gu Ruoyun had entered a confined state, she would not be aware of what was going on in the outside world. She was only focused on helping Zuo Shangchen wholeheartedly.

    However, when newcomers noticed her current expression, they had assumed that she was acting condescending and would not even look at anyone else!

    Lin You became more incensed. This audacious woman had fantasized about seducing the Regional King and had caused Su Lin to be punished. His eyes filled with a raging flame.

    Su Lin was his goddess and how could he tolerate his goddess to suffer any grief? He would never spare anyone who bullied Su Lin!

    "This self-righteous lowly woman would actually want to seduce the Regional King too. Why don't you look at yourself? Do you think you're a good match for the Regional King? You lack power so you should find ways to increase your power instead of plotting to rely on men to promote your status. Women like you are simply the dirtiest of all and cannot be compared to Eldest Lady Su Lin!"

    In the beginning, Dong Fang and the others had kept quiet after seeing how Li Qing has stood up for Gu Ruoyun. Who would have thought that Lin You's words would cross the limit more and more, angering them so much that their expressions turned into an ugly sight?

    That was right, they had believed that Su Lin was telling the truth in the beginning! After all, Su Lin's status was plain for all to see. Why would she have been lying?

    However, when they witnessed Gu Ruoyun's hidden power, they began to rethink everything that Su Lin had said at the time.

    Would Gu Ruoyun, a cultivator who have reached the late-stage of the exceptional state, who even has a powerful spiritual beast in her arms, need to rely on a man to rise above the ranks? Besides, she was also a respected Pill Master! Based on her status and abilities, even the Emperor of Heavenly Moon Empire would receive her as a guest of honor so why would she degrade herself by seducing an old man?

    After all, a Pill Master's status was extremely noble in all corners of the world! They were a figure that all authorities would wish to gain favor from!

    Therefore, these signs were clear - Su Lin had been lying!

    "You'd better f*cking wash your mouth!" Dong Fang roared angrily and scolded with an ashen face, "Who are you calling a self-righteous lowly woman! Who are you accusing of seducing the Regional King? Based on Lady Gu's power, even if the Regional King wanted to marry her, she would have to consider the dowry! Besides, Lady Gu simply isn't impressed by the Regional King!"
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