1485 Asking For Trouble Again 6


    Lin You scoffed icily as he swept his disdainful gaze towards Dong Fang's angry face. "Who are you? I was talking here and when have you ever been given the chance to speak? The only one who can speak to me is Li Qing!"

    Even though Li Qing's powers were weak, his status comes first! Therefore, out of everyone in this group, only the son of the General's Mansion had the right to speak to Lin You!

    "You..." Dong Fang was so angry that his face turned into an ugly shade. Just as he was about to rage at him, Li Qing's icy voice chimed in.

    "Lin You, let me give you a piece of advice, don't provoke people that you shouldn't provoke for the sake of a few irrelevant people! Besides, Dong Fang is right. Based on Lady Gu's abilities, she would scorn the Regional King. It's not that Lady Gu is incompatible with the Regional King, the Regional King is incompatible to her."

    Lin You shook before he suddenly burst into laughter.

    "Li Qing, what kind of bewitching medicine has this woman, Gu Ruoyun, given you that you would shield her so much?"

    Especially since Li Qing had said that the Regional King was not a good match for her?

    What a joke, what a truly funny joke.

    Even though the Regional King was a little more advanced in age, he was the second most powerful cultivator in the Heavenly Moon Empire after all. He also had pretty good looks too! Furthermore, his devotion to his long-deceased wife had resulted in many women trying to seduce him.

    One need not think too far ahead to conclude that Gu Ruoyun must have failed to seduce him and had made false accusations. That was why these people would say such things as if confused between right and wrong.

    Of course, only an idiot like Li Qing would believe in this woman's words!

    "Is there any need to even say it?"

    Just as Lin You had spoken, the attendants behind him laughed maniacally.

    "This woman, Gu Ruoyun, might be a weakling but she still has her looks. It's very obvious that Li Qing and the other men in her group have been hit by her enchantment, that's why they're standing up for her. Perhaps they've already done everything over these past few days in the Evil Spirit Forest. Under these circumstances, it's natural that they would protect her?"

    The attendants burst into laughter. They had Lin You's support anyway so they were not afraid of offending the Young Master of the General's Mansion.


    A fist slammed onto the chest of the person who had spoken without any warning. That person did not have the chance to react and was flung out of the way. He then crashed into a nearby rock and was badly bruised.

    Dong Fang and the others were shocked as they turned to look at Mu Ying's ashen face.

    They did not expect the most level-headed one of their group, Mu Ying, to be the one who took action first!

    Nevertheless, it was obvious that Mu Ying's punch gave them a feeling of being refreshed.

    "How dare you!" Lin You's face sank when he saw that his attendant had been injured. "You dared to hit my man in front of me! Tell me your family name immediately. I'd love to see what kind of background you've got to have caused you to behave so savagely."

    Mu Ying laughed icily, "I belong to no order or sect. I am alone. If you want to cause trouble for my family, I'm afraid that there's no way for you to do that!"

    Hearing this, Lin You's eyes sank even more.

    A little b*stard who belongs to no order or sect had the audacity to make brazen remarks in front of him, that man's digging his own grave!

    Lin You gritted his teeth at the thought of this and said, "All of you, attack! Kill these little animals! I want them to know that it never ends well for those who cross me, Lin You!"

    "Do these people like killing others without any reason?" Lu Yun looked at Lin You's maniacal face and shrugged. "First it had been Duan Yi, now it's Lin You! We're only in the elimination round yet we're always running into a neverending slew of trouble-seeking dumb f*cks!"
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