1486 Asking For Trouble Again 7

    Especially since this dumb f*ck has targeted Gu Ruoyun!

    Would he act this way if he had witnessed the adorable little beast in Gu Ruoyun's arms swallowing a person whole?

    Once U Yund had spoken, Lin You's men suddenly pulled their weapons out and quickly closed in towards the group.

    "Lin You, if you dare to attack us here, I'll report this matter to my father when I return!" Li Qing's expression changed greatly and he quickly stood in front of the group as he spoke through gritted teeth.

    "Haha, Li Qing, you really think too highly of yourself! I only said that you have the right to speak to me because of your status as the General's son. Do you think that I will really pay any heed to a good-for-nothing like you? While it's true that your father is the Lord General of the Heavenly Moon Empire but so what? Do you think that His Imperial Majesty, who has always prioritized geniuses, would punish me because of you? With His Imperial Majesty making the decision, why should I fear a good-for-nothing like you! Men, attack! If Li Qing dares to stand in your way, kill him without hesitation as well! I will support you in everything so there's no need to fear his family's power!"

    Lin You waved his hand and spoke in a sinister voice.

    "Will you guys be able to take them on?" A layer of cold sweat appeared on Li Qing's forehead as he turned towards Mu Ying and the others.

    Mu Ying thought for a moment before he replied, "There are three persons who are in the mid-stage of the exceptional state in his group. Here, only Kang Shaojie and I are at that state! I'm afraid we might not be able to resist them for very long."

    Li Qing shook. He looked at Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen behind them and secretly gritted his teeth before saying, "Lady Gu is our savior, we can't let these people disturb her. Hence, we can only share our swords and attack!"

    For the first time, Li Qing deeply hated himself for being weak. In the past, regardless of how weak he was, the guards of the General's mansion where always there to protect him. Now, because of his weakness, not only was he unable to help his group at a time like this, he was dragging them down too!

    "F*ck it, we don't have the luxury to care too much at a time like this."

    Dong Fang spat on the ground as a fearsome light flashed in his eyes, "Even if we were to put ourselves at risk, we can't let these b*stards disturb Lady Gu. We've promised her this. We must keep our word even if we have to give up our lives."

    Upon hearing what Dong Fang had said, the admiration in Lu Yun's eyes increased along with an unclear sentiment.

    Perhaps, at this moment, she has truly gotten to know Dong Fang!

    A man who was willing to sacrifice himself for a promise was worth being relied upon by a woman.

    "Bunch of idiots!"

    At this moment, Lin You and the others have surrounded Dong Fang and his group. He heard the latter's solemn vow and the disdain in his eyes deepened.

    "On what grounds can the few of you, plus this good-for-nothing Li Qing, have to defeat so many of us here? What an absolute joke! Don't blame me for not giving you a chance. You were the ones who didn't know how to value it so don't blame me for my ruthless methods!"

    Once he had said his piece, Lin You made a slicing motion as a cold, creepy smile formed on the corners of his lips.

    "Kill them! Leave none behind! Once you've killed them, I'll capture that sl*t, Gu Ruoyun, and send her to Eldest Lady Su Lin so that she can torture her! Besides, this is the Evil Spirit Forest so even if these people disappeared, no one will find out that I was the one who had done it! As for Gu Ruoyun and Lady Su Lin's bet? Hehe, do you think she has the right to stand in the same arena as Lady Su Lin? It would be a humiliating experience for Lady Su Lin to compete with a good-for-nothing like this!"

    He, on the other hand, would never let anyone humiliate Su Lin.
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