1487 Asking For Trouble Again 8

    Mu Ying and the others' faces slowly turned solemn. If they really want to act against these people, their chances of victory were not very great!

    The only thing they could do now was to buy more time. As long as Gu Ruoyun manages to help Zuo Shangchen in completing his breakthrough, they would not need to fear these people!

    "Let's stall them."

    Mu Ying's eyes darkened as he stared at the group closing in. A cold light flashed across his eyes.

    "Alright, we understand."

    Dong Fang and the rest nodded in succession and quickly drew their weapons. They then stared fearlessly at Lin You and the rest with an unusually grave look their face.


    A gale erupted within the forest. The footmen behind Lin You quickly rushed towards Mu Ying's group. The sharp weapons in their hands were icy beyond compare, serving as a foil for their sinister smiles.

    Victory could happen at any moment!

    Lin You burst into maniacal laughter. His eyes pierced across everyone before landing on Gu Ruoyun who had been seated on the ground the entire time without making a sound. The smile on his face became even crueler.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I'll never let a woman like you stay here and cause Su Lin unhappiness! Based on your status, even if you were to die here, no one will avenge you!"

    If a good-for-nothing like her, who has nothing good about her and had no background at all, were to die, no one would step out to avenge her.

    At this moment, under the powerful gale, Gu Ruoyun was seated behind Zuo Shangchen as her eyes stared unwaveringly at the man in front of her. Her fine hair danced in the wind as her delicate features carried a serious air. As for what was happening in the world outside, she had absolutely no idea. Even the mere rustle of leaves in the wind did not reach her ears.

    The little fellow lay on top of Gu Ruoyun's head as it sent a steady flow of energy into her body. Even though it saw the battle happening behind them, it did not seem to care at all and only focused on helping Gu Ruoyun.


    Dong Fang stumbled backward and spat out a mouthful of blood. His face has turned extremely pale.

    "They are all geniuses from the Heavenly Moon Empire's nobility. Even though their power is pretty much on the same level as us, disciples from small organizations like us cannot be compared with their abilities!" Dong Fang held the weapon in his hand tightly as his eyes sank. "Besides, Lin You is also at the mid-stage of the exceptional state and he hasn't attacked yet. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult for us to defend ourselves."

    Cultivators who were at the same rank but who have been nurtured differently would show very different levels of power!

    The geniuses from the Empire had received extremely strict training from a young age and they were taught the very best martial arts techniques. Therefore, how could cultivators from small organizations be compared against them? This was also why Su Lin, who has only reached mid-stage of the exceptional state as well, was considered as one of the most probable candidates to receive the first prize in this competition by the Emperor of Heavenly Moon Empire.

    With the support of the Regional King, who was the second most powerful cultivator in the Empire, Su Lin's level may be at the mid-stage of the exceptional state but she has the power of a cultivator at the late-stage of the exceptional state. Furthermore, the Regional King's Mansion even possesses a middle-class spiritual weapon! If Su Lin were to use this middle-class spiritual weapon during the contest, most late-stage exceptional state cultivators would be of no match for her!

    "All of you, get out of the way. Let me personally take care of these sons of b*tches!"

    Lin You yelled loudly and the group instantly opened a pathway for him. His body then shot towards them like a bolt of lightning. He aimed his trajectory at Dong Fang who was the one who had spoken up and humiliated him at the beginning...

    "Dong Fang, watch out!"

    Lu Yun's expression changed drastically and her eyes filled with anxiety as she cried out.
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