1488 Zuo Shangchen“s Breakthrough 1

    Unfortunately, it was too late.

    Just as Lu Yun cried out, Lin You's fist landed on Dong Fang's chest. At that moment, Dong Fang's body was thrown to the side and flew quickly towards Gu Ruoyun and Zuo Shangchen.

    "Oh no!"

    The group's expression changed drastically but they could not stop him in time.

    Lin You watched as Dong Fang's body was thrown towards Gu Ruoyun and burst into laughter. He wanted to see whether that woman, Gu Ruoyun, could still turn a blind eye under these circumstances!


    However, just as Dong Fang's body neared Gu Ruoyun, a powerful energy exploded from Zuo Shangchen. At the same time, Dong Fang's body, which was still flying through the air, was flung out of the way again. He slammed fiercely onto a tree and blood began to spew from his mouth continuously.

    The peerless-looking man whose eyes had been gently closed slowly opened his peach blossom eyes. A cold and gloomy light flashed across his gaze.

    "Lady Gu, Sir Zuo!"

    Lu Yun's heart leaped with joy when she saw that Zuo Shangchen had opened his eyes. She then heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

    Thank goodness Zuo Shangchen has finally awakened! As long as they are here, these people can't hurt us!

    "This... This is... No, impossible! This man was in the middle of a breakthrough? Furthermore, this breakthrough's aura certainly does not belong to the exceptional state!" Lin You had returned to his senses from his shock. His expression changed drastically as he stared at Zuo Shangchen in disbelief.

    The Refined state?

    Could this be?

    This man who had relied on a backdoor to join this competition, how could he possibly be in the refined state?

    Lin You clenched his fists tightly. However, his entire body was trembling incessantly as if there was no way of convincing himself to believe this!

    "Xiao Yun'er, thank you."

    Zuo Shangchen put the cold, gloomy light in his eyes away and flashed a magnificent smile at the woman behind him.

    "If it had not been for you, I'm afraid that I would have fallen into a disaster this time."

    Gu Ruoyun retracted her hand slowly as she stared at the man's enticing, peach blossom smile. "You've done so much for my brother and me so how could I just sit back and let you fall! Besides, I'm afraid that we will never be able to pay back the gratitude we owe you."

    "If you really want to thank me, why not give me a hug then?"

    Zuo Shangchen chuckled and reached out towards Gu Ruoyun. He never even spared a glance at Lin You and the others who had arrived to cause trouble since the beginning.

    It was as if he had not noticed their existence at all.

    Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze towards Zuo Shangchen and kept quiet. She then walked towards Dong Fang who was lying on the ground with blood spewing out from his mouth. She took a porcelain bottle from her bosom and poured a pill out before placing it in front of him.

    "Eat this, your wounds will heal immediately."

    Dong Fang was shaken as he stared dazedly at the pill in Gu Ruoyun's hand. His expression was filled with disbelief.

    "Is... Is this the spiritual beast's treat? Lady Gu, are you really giving this treat to me?"


    Dong Fang's biggest impression of this pill was that they were treats for Mengmeng!

    Li Qing and the others stared unblinkingly at the pill in Gu Ruoyun's hand. They then gulped and stared enviously at Dong Fang. If they had known that this pill could be used to heal injuries, they would have gotten themselves injured even more.

    "A treat?"

    Lin You has recovered from his shock over Zuo Shangchen's breakthrough. When he heard what Dong Fang had said and the excited look on the latter's face, his heart filled with even more disdain. "As a human, you're actually craving for a spiritual beast's fodder! What a humiliation to us humans!"
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