1489 Zuo Shangchen“s Breakthrough 2

    Dong Fang, however, did not seem to hear Lin You's disdainful sneers. His eyes, which were filled with excitement, were shining. He was afraid that Gu Ruoyun would go back of her word so he immediately snatched the pill and swallowed it.

    "Hahaha!" After consuming the pill, the excited Dong Fang could not help but laugh maniacally. "I never thought that I, Dong Fang, in all my living years, would be able to eat fodder of this standard! Lady Gu, if you gave me this fodder every day, I would have no regrets even if you made me your spiritual beast."


    Who needs dignity when comes to pills?

    The little fellow who was lying on Gu Ruoyun's head rolled its eyes and turned its nose up at Dong Fang.

    Does this fellow really think that any spiritual beast would be able to enjoy this fodder? Even if this fellow were turned into a spiritual beast, he would not have the right to enjoy the same standard of treatment as me!


    When Zuo Shangchen consumed the Spirit Phoenix Fruit, it created a thunderstorm and attracted the attention of the geniuses from the Heavenly Moon Empire, causing them to gather towards the area.

    However, before they could comprehend the situation, they heard Dong Fang's shameless words and were shaken on the spot. They then stared at Dong Fang with a sense of pity.

    Who's this fellow? He's actually that poor to even wants to eat a spiritual beast's fodder!

    At this moment, the crowd had only overheard Dong Fang's words but had not noticed that his wounds had been healed after taking that pill.

    "What's going on here?"

    A low voice rang out slowly from the crowd.

    When Li Qing heard this voice, he raised his head and looked at the gray-robed man who had just emerged from the crowd. He then shook and whispered in a hushed tone, "That's Elder Wuxu from the Heavenly Moon Empire's Elder's Court and is cultivator at the refined state. He's also one of those who are supposed to protect us. Also, Elder Wuxu is Lin You's Master!"

    Lin You's Master?

    Gu Ruoyun frowned as she asked, "Who's Lin You?"

    As she had previously been in a sealed state, she was not aware of the situation around her. All she had seen as soon as she had stepped out from her sealed state was Dong Fang who had been vomiting blood.

    "Gu Ruoyun, quit playing dumb!"

    When Lin You saw that Elder Wuxu had appeared, he became even more smug, "I've been here for such a long time and you're now asking who I am? If you say that you aren't pretending, who would believe you? Hmph, even a sl*t like you with her eyes in the sky would dare to declare war against Su Lin! You really have an over exaggerated opinion of yourself!"

    Su Lin?

    Upon hearing Lin You's speech, Gu Ruoyun gained some form of comprehension.

    So, these people are here because of Su Lin!

    "Were you the one who had injured Dong Fang?" Gu Ruoyun thought for a moment and asked.

    "That's right." Lin You raised his head arrogantly as he coldly replied, "I was coming for you but who thought that these b*stards had the audacity to try and stop me. If I don't beat them up, who should I beat up then? I really don't know how a woman like you had managed to find such a powerful charm to bewitch these people into running around in circles. Even Li Qing has been placed under your curse and is standing up for you! Look like Su Lin was right, you're nothing but a woman who only knows how to seduce men and use them to rise to the top! You saw that it was hopeless to seduce the Regional King so you had turned your attention to Li Qing. Only a silly kid like Li Qing would ever fall for your enchanments!"

    Li Qing's expressions changed instantly and his voice turned extremely cold.

    "Lin You, you should speak with a little more respect, Lady Gu is not that kind of a person! She has no intentions of seducing the Regional King either! You've only heard Su Lin's side of the story, who can prove that Lady Gu had tried to seduce the Regional King?"Author wrote this as 'Dong Fang', I've changed this to 'Lin You' for accuracy. :)
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