1491 The Empire“s Elite“s Cover-Up 2


    Lin You spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed onto the ground.

    Gu Ruoyun's first strike had dulled his mind. All he could feel was the noise around him but he could not hear what others were saying.

    "That was only one blow. You still owe me nineteen blows."

    Gu Ruoyun ignored the extent of Lin You's injuries as she calmly curled the corners of her lips and walked towards him.

    "My lady." Just then, a cold and arrogant voice rang out behind Gu Ruoyun. "Let me give you a piece of advice. Anyone can make mistakes so you should forgive them when possible! Your friends are no longer in jeopardy so why continue to pursue this? This wouldn't bring you any benefits."

    Gu Ruoyun did not stop her advance despite hearing this but a hint of disdain has crept into the faint smile on her lips.

    "Lin You had promised that he would endure twenty blows in front of so many witnesses. Could it be that he's allowed to go back on his word since he's the Prime Minister's son?"

    In the beginning, the crowd was still shocked over Gu Ruoyun's display of power. When they heard what she had just said, they began to whisper amongst themselves and soon fell into a debate.

    After all, aside from the geniuses of noble background, several talents from smaller organizations were also participating in the Empire's contest this time. If word about Lin You's deception were to spread, he would be seen as someone who relies on force to bully others in the Heavenly Moon Empire!

    Wuxu has also considered this outcome and his expression turned rather unsightly. "Lady Gu, I'll still say the same thing. Anyone can make mistakes so forgive them when possible! If you insist on doing this, I can't stop you. However, you must consider this carefully. You may have some talent but you can't be compared to a powerhouse like the Heavenly Moon Empire! Is it worth it to do something that you'll regret for the rest of your life for the sake of letting off some steam?"

    Even though this old man had claimed that he was not going to stop Gu Ruoyun, the meaning behind his words was clear.

    If she really wants to take it out on Lin You, fine! He would not stop her but she must be ready to accept other consequences! Even though Gu Ruoyun's show of power had truly shocked them now, so what? No matter how powerful she was, she would only remain a talented individual if she does not have a powerful support!

    Perhaps, she might also be killed at any time!

    Lu Yun and the rest shook their heads as their eyes filled with disappointment.

    They had assumed that the Empire's cultivators were dignified people but they never thought that these cultivators would cover up mistakes without thoroughly understanding the matter! Wuxu was one step away from telling Gu Ruoyun that if she dares to lay another hand on Lin You, he would not let her get away with it!

    "And you, Li Qing." Wuxu turned towards Li Qing with a dark look on his face. "You're a member of the General's Mansion after all and you'll still act as an accomplice to this tigress as well? How can you live with yourself? I won't cause any trouble for you today on account of the General. You may leave!"

    Li Qing's expression changed drastically. His father might be the General but he does not dare to offend the members of the Elder's Court. However...

    He bit his lip and said, "Elder Wuxu, it was Lin You who had initiated this fight. Besides, he had indeed promised Lady Gu that he would accept these twenty blows. Many witnesses here have heard it as well. Elder Wuxu, are you saying that you want the Heavenly Moon Empire to carry the bad reputation of going back on our promises and would bully others to cover up our own mistakes unreasonably?"

    Just as he spoke, Gu Ruoyun's fist landed on Lin You's chest once again. Lin You, who has yet to return to his senses, was once again distracted by the might of the blow. His mind was now completely blank.Author wrote this as "Li Qing". I've changed it to "Lin You" for accuracy. :)
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